Adventure: Republican Convention

So, I am something of a bleeding heart liberal. I work in Frogtown, weep over the plight of baby seals and have an MPR sticker in the window of my vintage Saab. It’s all very predictable and slightly embarrassing. Why, yes, I do work in social services! And, yes, I am a vegetarian! Why do you ask? Did my birkenstocks give me away?So it was with equal parts trepidation and glee that The Mister and I headed into the fray that was the Republican Convention, hosted by our very own St. Paul. I wore the cowboy hat in an effort to disguise my woefully obvious liberal-ocity. But I suspect it was more Michelle Branch than Michelle Bachman.

While we were there, Sam witnessed a “dirty hippie” handing out bumper stickers promoting his own run for the presidency. His tag line? “Weasel and Shark ’08!” Sam went over to chat the guy up and take a few photos and was joined by some portly, rather drunk convention enthusiasts. They cooed over his camera lenses, hassled the hippie and wanted to know “where’s the action, maaaan?”
Sam assured our drunk friends that, despite his beard and flip flops, he wasn’t actually aware of any exciting plans in the works. So we left the drinkers and the hippie to their own devices and took a seat outside the convention center while I made eyes at middle aged senators.
A few minutes later, I looked back and saw our drunks actually taking off their shirts. They dug around in their backpacks, pulled on some black t-shirts and baseball hats and headed into the crowd, oddly and instantly sober. And you will not believe what the t-shirts said:
Authorized Personel.
They were undercover cops, trying to flush out protesters and get wind of any trouble in the making.
I think it was my cowboy hat that made them suspicious.


Dereck Thibault

Did you ever think that maybe they really did want to party but thought that they’d never get an invite while wearing their security uniforms?
They were like that kid on the playground who never got invited out because he didn’t have “cool” clothes.
For shame.
Authorized personel like to party too you know.

Sarah Von Bargen

That is an angle I had not explored! Honestly, it took me a good 45 seconds to process what was going on. My immediate thought process was “Those cheeky drunk guys are wearing security t-shirts. I bet they got them at Hot Topic.”

I’m a bright one.


Trickier yet would have been to ask you directions to the Wedge. You’d still be in a re-education camp, learning how to be a good little conservative.


wow u survived bugs ! i can’t survive them at the beach even with the nice scenery in front of me

read the hawloween lollie page. yummmmmmmmm!
that was fun to read

designed for compulsive color coding and then consumption in ascending ROYGBIV order.

what is ROYGBIV?
i tried lookin it up?!


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