For the love of Argyle

“Hmmm, where shall I scoot to today? Perhaps a golf course or a British pub where my Argyle will be truly appreciated? Yes, I think I could go for a cuppa and some biscuits, followed quickly by several pints of cider. Indeed.”As previously noted, I’m going to refrain from regaling y’all with the fact that nearly everything I own is from Target. Because that’s just embarrassing.

However! The jeans you see here? All dark and slim and slightly hipster-y? You will not believe what brand they are:


Did you, like I, secretly covet this brand in 8th grade? While I was relegated to Lees, all the cool kids were rocking their Girbauds, complete with that weird button loop. So finding these for $15 at TJ Maxx was something of a teen dream come true.

Now, if I can just get my hands on a 26 Red t-shirt my life will have come full circle.



Coveted those things with a flaming passion. But, at the time, they were worn hiked waaaaaay down. Like crotch-level. And, for some reason, we thought that was COOL. Eesh.

You look so very chic in your bright argyle with your little red Vespa. CIAO, baby!

Sarah Von Bargen

In the interest of total disclosure: Totally not my scooter. Definately a scooter that belongs to someone in the building next to mine!

But I do love scooters! And I am a former scooter owner!

So I’m pretty sure that entitles me to pose on a stranger’s belongings, right?


OH MY FREAKING GOD!!! i want that scooter so bad! also, cute top and scarf πŸ™‚ and i love how your bangle matches the scooter.


I will admit to having owned a pair of Girbauds in high school. I will admit now, but would never have told you then, that I got them at a yard sale in Brainerd, which is where all of my clothes came from at that time.

Those things were a strange sort of reassurance, like “oh, thank god, now they won’t all know I’m poor”, as though the worn clothes and seeing their own yard sale rejects on me for years wasn’t already an indicator.

Also, my tiny tiny friend wore that same pair of pants after our senior year as maternity jeans. Yeah.

Do your girbauds have that weird pubic-area tag on the zipper?

Sarah Von Bargen

They *do* have the weird public area tag! But at least it’s dyed the same shade as the jeans so it’s not so painfully attention-drawing. Thankfully, it’s lacking that ominously named ‘rape gaurd’ loop doodle.

Sarah Von Bargen

Thanks ambika! The people who own that scooter don’t park it outside very often, so when I saw it there, I had to scuttle outside and insist The Mister take a photo *immediately*

Amy Lou

ah, 26 red! haven’t thought of that in years!

man, you would be having some serious high school street cred then πŸ˜€


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