How to Have An Amazing Halloween Even If You Made Zero Plans

I’m a total Halloween nerd who regularly plans her costume months in advance. Last weekend I was nearly worked into a snit when I had to throw together an impromptu costume. The horror, I know!

But if you have such a full life that you haven’t been able to devote that last few weeks to readying yourself for this most awesome of holidays, fear not! There’s still fun to be had at the last minute.

1. Get your friends together for a scary story party

Flashlight under the chin required. (Here’s a roundup of classic round-the-campfire stories.)

2. Visit your local haunted house

No, not the one put on by the Catholic Youth Group – the one where Old Man Jenkins lay undiscovered for a month before anyone noticed he was missing. Cwwweeepy. Minneapolis’s Soap Factory haunted basement is famous!

3. Put together a costume from what you have in your closet and recycling bin

Yes, it’s possible! Look here and here for ideas.

4. Stay in and hand out candy to all the be-costumed kiddies

3 points for dressing up, 4 points for dressing up your dog, 10 points for responding to ‘Trick or Treat!’ with ‘Trick’ and then doing that ‘removing your finger‘ bit.

5. Engage in a little harmless tomfoolery

Wrap cling wrap around your friend’s car and draw on it with a sharpie. Here’s a roundup of 18 perfectly harmless pranks that won’t get you arrested.

6. Play a round of Ouija Board with your friends

Try to get ahold of James Dean or Anna Nicole.

7. Watch one or two of the scariest movies on Netflix

With friends. Who then sleep over.

What are your plans?

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My friend Annie lives in a real haunted house down in Hastings. And there is NO CHANCE of me visiting her tonight.

Great suggestions, though, lady! Another good trick for the treaters is “one of my arms is longer than the other.” A classic.

Sarah Von Bargen

Dutchess – that is sooooo scary! My friends and I used to scare the sweet bejesus out of ourselves by poking around a condemed high school in the woods. Maybe not the greatest thing to do when you’re 17 and drunk on Boon’s Farm …

House of Jules

I’m going to try to stop laughing at my old college roommate’s story of how her husband scared the crap out of her in the middle of the night (read today’s post on my blog). Then I’ll probably count the hours until the Halloween candy goes on sale while drinking some kind of ghoulish punch at my neighbor’s party. YAY for friends having parties! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
House of Jules


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