Notes on Show-going

photo by jere-me

Dear Minneapolis Hipsters,
Did you know that when are you at a concert, it is considered acceptable, nay encouraged, to occasionally engage in dancing? An intermittent knee-bob, a head-nod and even a shoulder wiggle are all baby steps in the right direction! It breaks my heart when I see you standing quietly in your skinny jeans, staring at the stage. I will be the girl in the back, booty dancing to indie folk pop.
Dear Liam Finn and The Veils,
Please don’t be disuaded by the crowd’s lack of dancing. We’re Minnesotan, we can’t help it. And Liam? You are my second-favorite small, bearded, joyful man. Consider yourself warned.



dude, i shouldda gone w/ you. sad i didn’t…i totally did the Taller Than The Crowd Non-Stop Jumping during Mason Jennings, while nobody else really did much else but a slight marijuana bobble. I ‘get’ you, bff. I get you.


FOR SERIOUS. Don’t you just want to run up and tickle them all to get them to MOVE?!? Geez, Minneapolitans, get with the program. The DANCING program.

Additionally, I am forever in love wiht Liam’s dad … but only ever heard one single from the son. Good, eh?

Sarah Von Bargen

So good! I love Liam’s ‘Second Chance’ and ‘Energy Spent’ … and I love his Dad’s “We had no idea that it couldn’t be done/we just needed to find the right-minded someone …’ NZ rock royalty!


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