KGB Style

I have had an infatuation with Russia since the third grade, when I found a book stuffed full of bizarre, macabre Russian fairy tales in my elementary school library. I’m fairly sure I was the only one who ever checked this book out, as everyone else was put off by the the cottage with chicken feet on the cover. Babies.This love is compounded by the fact that I’m often mistaken for a Russian when I’m traveling abroad. I suspect it has less to do with my blond hair and more to do with my oddly sulky ambient expression. If I’m not giggling behind my hand, I apparently look like I should be slurping borscht and glaring at soldiers over a copy of ”The Brothers Karamazov.”

So if I was to move to Russia tomorrow, what would I wear?

Okay, so I’m well aware that Russians probably don’t wear sickle and hammer t-shirts. But I’m nothing if not committed to a theme! Please note the lovely riding boots for running over icy cobble stones, the Moscow caliber parka, the hat (probably made from the hide of a Czar’s pet bear) and the babushka-worthy scarf. I would wear this while I read ‘Anna Karenina,’ snuggled against the steamy windows in the Trans-Siberian’s dining car.

Because I’m sure that Russian women often dress in a manner that approximates those delicious little nesting dolls, right? Okay, no. But! This outfit would be perfect for running through fields of poppies during the first days of spring. I suspect it would also be good for making piroshki with my Mommachka or wearing to a party where I would drink too much vodka and do that impressive kicking dance.

And this little ensemble? Well, this is obviously for those nights when my bearded, Mafia boss lover takes me to see Mikhail Baryshnikov dance in Leningrad. We smoke too much, nibble on bliny and loll in the huge velvet seats of our theater box. I am thoroughly exhausted by the other molls, but make pleasant chit chat in an attempt to be friendly.

What country’s couture do you covet?




Ahhh, I'm really fascinated by Russia, as well. I'm taking a course on Russian history & politics right now, actually.

It may be a bit morbid, but I would love to go to Moscow and visit Lenin's tomb.

Funny you mention people mistaking you for being Russian…when I traveled in China many people thought I was Russian. I couldn't tell if it was how I looked or the proximity of the town to Russia, however…

I really enjoyed your outfits though. The first one is hilarious.


hehehe you crack me up!

Maybe I’m secretly Russian. The last two outfits look just like something I’d wear πŸ™‚


Those are lovely outfits. I could see myself wearing the first outfit.

I have a bit of an obsession with Japan, so I think I’d love a Japanese inspired style. But, at the moment, I just have a single, over-worn Hello Kitty Tee.


the “impressive kicking dance” video was FASCINATING in so many aspects. i watched it with rapt concentration TWO TIMES, which equals about three mintues, which is an eternity when my newborn is asleep and i really should be sleeping while i can too.

i’m just saying. it was very entertaining.

Sarah Von Bargen

Cat! You are totally right! I knew another literature nerd out there would recognize that reference! Oddly enough, my Chinese kindergartners used to love that book something fierce. Because chicken feet are delicious?


Those outfits are gorgeous! I love russian style too πŸ˜› When we went to Paris for our honeymoon, I bought heaps of chic black and white pieces to fit in. I got an amazing (faux) rabbit fur black and white pom-pom scarf on Ebay – but one of my snowglobes smashed on the way home and ruined it!!! πŸ™ Moral of the story? I would totally wear a sickle tee to Russia πŸ˜€


what lovely sets! Love the babushka doll one, and the seamed stockings in the third set. You have a really good eye for Polyvore πŸ™‚ x

Panda Mime

Babushka Dolls!!! I can’t find any in my corner of the globe… πŸ™
As a white silk dress deserves a unicorn, I believe the first of your Russian outfits calls for a black stallion next to a Siberian Lake in the Spring…
Too poetic? Haha

Anne (in Reno)

Those outfits are beyond gorgeous, I have always coveted the culture of the Brits and the Italians, too much Jane Austen as a girl and Italian language lessons in school…

I think I need to go play on Polyvore and make my own covetous sets! Thanks!

Sarah Von Bargen

Tanya! Totally jealous of your connection to mother Russia! Is it a fair guess that you didn’t actually grow up wearing siccle and hammer tees? ;D Thanks for the add, lover!


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