A list of lists

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You know what I love so hard? I mean, in addition to cheese and kittens and globe-trotting.

Lists. Oh friends, I love them. Not only those uber-productive, plan-making, world-domination-plotting lists, but lovely, hilarious, ridiculous ones. Here are some of my favorites:
  • Favorite songs from 1998
  • Top five animals
  • Best words ever
  • Fictional Characters that would be my best friends
  • Smells that I love
  • Scary things I don’t ever want to touch
  • Songs that can be categorized as “Sparkly”
  • Best songs for air kicks
  • Food to eat when I’m downtrodden
  • Movies that I have seen more than ten times
  • Names that I will never saddle my children with
  • Things about me that are awesome

What lists do you make?



I run my life with to-do lists, if I didn’t make them I’d never get anything done! A lot of my blog posts seem to end up in list form too, whether or not that is my original intention. Lists are great!


I agree with you – lists are the best. I stay much more organized by them and I tend to post in list form, just like Sparkle and Glitter… I can’t help it. Ooohh and I like your list topics!


Germany has inspired me to make an assortment of lists:

– absurdly long words (Normenqualifizierungsverfahren – I don’t even know what that means)
– general life things that I consider absurd because they’re so different from what I’m used to at home (ie: paying more for a movie because it’s long. WTF.)
– general life things that I consider really awesome and think should be implemented in the US (OMG – you can open a window like 300 different ways!)
– words that should be the same in every language to make some things easier on travelers (case in point: toilet. It doesn’t have to be the English word either; I would be totally cool with baΓ±o.)

And I would really like to know a “Sparkly” song. πŸ˜€

Sarah Von Bargen

Edith! German lists are especially great. The lists I made while I was there included

How many different kinds of seeds are in this slice of bread
Reasons why I love carbonated apple juice
Why Berlin’s public transportation system rocks
German words with fantastic literal translations (pillow = head kiss, right?)

Sparkly songs? My current favorites are
Wild Beasts: The Devi’s Crayon
Jeremy Messersmith: Miracles
Sufjan Stevens: Chicago

I don’t know if I can properly communicate their sparkly qualities, but if you listen, you’ll hear it. πŸ™‚


you need start posting more lists:
– it would be funny
– you love them
– your readership has stated they love them
– you save on punctuation


I love lists too! I actually have a list of my top 10 animals (because 5 just wasn’t enough) and one of my favorite smells as well.

Some of my favorite list topics are
– favorite words
– top 5 ideologies
– favorite video games
– concerts I have been to

Great post.


Although I write copious quantities of lists they are usually not that exciting (like to-do lists, wish lists etc)

But now I’m inspired!


most notable animals:
– cats
– dawgs
– monkeys (sub: primates in general)
– hedgehogs or chipmunks

also, guys:
– mcsweeny’s lists!!!


I freakin’ love lists!

My boyfriend (we’ll call him M) plays WoW, + he said he was talking to a friend on the inter-game headset (we’ll call him B) about the new expansion, + this is how it went:

B: I love that there are more things to do and get now, because that means I can do one of my other favorite things while I play
M: And what is that?
B: Make lists! I love lists! I’ve made lists of all of the things I want to get in the game.
M: Oh my God, you are my girlfriend.
B: What?

He jokes to me about my obsessive list making. I have a big chart above my desk right now, talking about all of the projects that I have to get done before the end of the semester. I haven’t gotten into recreational list-making yet, but the time is always now…

La Belette Rouge

I am a long time list lover. I am delighted to discover your blog. I feel immediately at home at the blog of a gal who likes cheese and kittens.
Want to trade links?:-)


wow, your list skillz are impressive.
usually, they make my head spin.
the lists i make are usually completely random, unrelated things that i jot down because i don’t want to forget them. people’s names, dates of events, etc.


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