Too close to home

Gasp! Choke! Chest-clutching! Quote … hitting … too close to home …!

Affluent college bound students
face the real prospect
of downward mobility
feelings of entitlement clash with
the awareness of imminent scarcity
there is a resentment at growing up
at the end of an era of plenty
coupled with reassessment of
conventional measures of success

Jenny Holzer



Young Werther

I’m confused… since when does one use affluent and students in the same sentence.

Had to master the art-of-living on very little, minimalistic was not a decor and discovered how to make soya mince taste good 🙂

Miss Karen

I always have a love/hate relationship with Jenny Holzer’s work (is it really Art or just sloganeering?) but this is definitely very very close to home for me.


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