Giselle Budchen’s Jawline and Other Un-wrappable things I’d like for Christmas

We all have Christmas lists, right? Chock full of stuff and non-stuff and maybe a new Wii. Here’s my list of unwrappable, slightly unpurchasable things that I’d like for Christmas. In event that you haven’t bought me anything yet, any of these will do.

The ability to speak and understand any language

Yeah, I know I asked for this for my birthday, but nobody bucked up and got it for me. C’mon guys. This would be mighty handy with travel looming on my horizon. It would also help me live out my personal fantasy in which I overhear someone running their mouth in another language and I calmly (and shockingly!) respond in their language. With one eyebrow raised and intense eye contact. Ooooh.

Hang time with Little Sister Yes and Yes
A month after my return to the states, Little Sister Yes and Yes packed her worldly belongings into a tiny car and drove herself down to Phoenix. And while I envy her weather these days, I do miss the girl. So, sis. Let’s meet somewhere in the middle and hang for a week, eh? I will even bring some of Grandma’s chocolate/peanut butter/Ritz cookies. Or I’ll bring them and try not to eat them on the way.

A White Christmas
This will be my first non-tropical, Northern Hemisphere Christmas in four years. If it is not positively snow-filled, I am taking my toys and playing elsewhere. Possibly Bolivia.

Several Calm, Drama-Free Months
The next four or five months of my life are shaping up to be, well, rife with plans and changes and Big Important Decisions. I am 80% excited, 20% pukey about this. So here’s hoping that it all goes as well as possible.

Giselle Bundchen’s Jawline
So. I come from a long line of button-nosed blonds. And while we have been blessed with nice feet and good calves, DNA has not smiled on us in terms on jawlines. Friends, I fear there is a waddle in my future. I think I have a few good years left, as the waddle traditionally arrives in tandem with our 35th birthdays, but I’ve been preparing by compulsively applying neck cream every night and developing a method to suck in my jawline. So if anyone has Giselle’s number and knows if she’d be willing to share the love, hook a sister up, kay?

What un-wrappable things do you want this Christmas?



I’d like a new job I enjoy that pays more than the one I’m currently in and doesn’t leave me irritable and tired at the end of every day.

I’d like some legal experience and a training contract!

I’d like the ability to lose about 20lbs without dieting or exercising!

La Belette Rouge

I want the book to be done and the agent to love it and the publishers to buy it. Oh, and I would like the butt of a Brazilian goddess. No need to gift wrap any of those things.

I will also take what Sparkleadn glitter is having, the 20 lb. weight loss with no diet or exercise. Very nice!!


LOL, you make me laaaaaaaaaaaugh, Sarah! πŸ˜€ And hmmmm, I’d like my new web project to be completely finished and designed, a trip to New Zealand, more time.. oh, so many things! πŸ˜€


I would like

…my masters degree, or at least a time travel machine so that I could skip over finals week entirely.

…the ability to add music to any situation, you know, piped in from the sky.

…an oven that you could just hit start on and 30 minutes later a fabulous healthy meal would come out

But you know, if I have to ask for something that exists (psh) I would like a kick ass road trip full of wonderful photography sites and camping grounds.



– ability to travel in time
– ability to resolve conflicts peacefully & quickly
– more time 'doing nothing inparticular' with my hubs
– the 20 pound loss/ no effort thing
– to have the climate here include less snow, more pina colada!

Sarah Von Bargen

Young: it must have gotten lost in the mail πŸ˜‰ Also, I’d be happy to take Giselle’s body as well, I just thought her jawline might be *a bit* more affordable.


Ahhh I’d love a white Christmas but I don’t think I’ve ever had one! Loved the Florida couple that I had a few years ago though.

Non-stuff… I like the languages idea, but I’d stick it to maybe just French and Japanese. I’m closer with the French, so it’d be cheaper.

A good digestive system – I’ve become really sensitive to rich food but it’s so hard to resist!

Energy EVERY time I go to the gym.

The ability to remember everything I’ve ever read. Studying would be so much easier, as would everyday life.

Impeccable style, and the ability to buy something expensive WITHOUT my mother present.

Christina Lee

Just Giselle’s waist-line (or my waist-line pre-kid);some time for romance again (ala Edward Cullen and Twilight style)and the ability to just stop, sit, relax and ENJOY my family! Gosh darn it- that’s a good list- I’m getting right to it!


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