Celebrities I’ve seen in real life

You guys. The first episode of The Flight of The Conchords, Season 2 is available online! For free! The whole thing!But only for Yanks. Sorry Kiwis and Aussies. Not that you guys are particularly fussed about Bret and Jemaine anyway.Did I ever tell you that I saw Jemaine in real life? Twice?!

Sighting One: My flatmate and I are in line at the insanely overpriced Reading Cinema in Wellington, New Zealand. I am very busy rummaging in my purse for enough change to buy some popcorn when Jess begins whisper at me without moving her lips, whilst making intense eye contact and occasionally winking.

I obviously interpret this a cue to slyly look over my shoulder. Where I see Jemaine and Loren Horsley. So we do the only natural thing: try very hard to ignore them and then run up the escalator in an attempt to get away from them.

Sighting Two: I am at Reading Cinema, again, walking through the food court. And there, wearing a purple velvet jacket and eating a corn dog, is Jemaine.

Seriously, dude. Stop following me. It’s getting awkward.

Have you ever seen anyone famous in real life?



Sorry what? Us Aussies are into them…. hilarious duo. =D

I saw the lead singer from Eskimo Joe. I was on the phone at the time but walking with a friend…

“That was… did you see?… the guy with the suitcase?… Just behind us… no don’t look, yeah, he’s from that band… they sing that black fingernails… No, I’m not talking to you on the phone… “

To which my friend replied, “Yeah, I’m not one of those people that gets all excited about seeing someone famous”


I’m not even that keen on Eskimo Joe… but he was famous-ish.

Sarah Von Bargen

I’m glad you guys like them! When I was living in NZ, most of the kiwis I knew were pretty ‘meh’ on them. But maybe that was the crowd I was running with 😉


OK, you told me about the velvet jacket, but I believe you omitted the corndog detail. WAIT till I tell Husband Mike …


theyre soo awesome

famous people ive seen in person (not counting simply concerts): arlo guthrie, marianne faithfull, alan cummings (i think his name is?) and jeremy schmidt, the keyboard player from black mountain


I’ve never seen anybody famous (I probably have, I just don’t notice things) but my mom saw Jesse L. Martin. She was walking down the street in Manhattan, + she was behind him + she kept thinking “I think I know that guy… was he a patient of mine?” And then he turned around + she realized she knew him from TV.

Katie @ Très Lola

!!!! oh love for those boys runs high. Ok so today, I was temping in some random office in South London.. and this American girl with a massive Mel accent is there making a cup of tea… I was about to say it to her but then she introduced herself as Mel and I was just a bit to freaked out by the coincidence so I giggled and went my own way. ANYWAY. I’ve not met anyone particularly remarkable. Except when I was younger and I used to groupy my way around Sydney and the coast… and then I met loads of teeny pop bands 😉 Ha.


I fed Dane Cook a jolly rancher once. But that was ages ago, before he got kind of douchey. He was nice.

ALSO I LOVE FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS. My sister gave me the first season DVD set for Christmas and wasn’t sure if I would like it. I just looked at her and shrieked, “THE HUMANS ARE DEAD! How can you not know that I love this?!” It was a very strange christmas.

I would have totally run away from them with you. Honestly.


I LOVE flight of the conchords. Just “discovered” them a month ago–Alaska is a bit behind on the times. My boyfriend now likes to be called the hip-hop-opotomus. Anyway hopefully I will see them when I am in NZ in March! Jermaine will probably want to stalk me too.

I saw the mom from Home Improvement at 4am on a bike trip in Hawaii in 1995. That’s about it….


name drop, eh? okay. when i worked at a nightclub down south, i saw in very near proximity to me or interacted with:

1) bb king. watched him give an interview during closed club hours for a scorcese documentary.

2) 'chandler bing' & his girlfriend who was on a soap opera. in true chandler bing fashion, he rocked out pretty hard to a cover of 'purple rain.' i giggled.

3) steven seagal. short in real life, clammy looking skin and smells like hippy B.O.

4) samuel l. jackson. saw him from afar, puked a little from teh awesome.

5) dave chapelle. was sitting in my chair getting made up for some late show taking place on the street outside the club. he was all, "am i in your way?" and i was like, "yeah."

6) doctor nick. the guy who prescribed the drugs that eventually killed elvis. i served him chicken wings.

famous people i should've met, but didn't:

7) justin timberlake. tried to come to our club when they were having one of those "smokers parties" hosted by a cigarette company. JT wasn't 21, couldn't come in! wtf?

8) marilyn manson & rose mcgowin. at the japanese steakhouse on halloween night, after i'd left to go home. 🙁 story goes, they were in tow with the band and it was awesome and HILARIOUS.

end of name drop.

La Belette Rouge

As a L.A. gal I have a long list of celeb sightings.I am trying to think of someone that I was excited about seeing. Nah, I can’t do it. The only two people I want to seen that I must see is Charlie ROse and Bill Clinton they would totally eclipse my long list of celebs I have seen that are more US weekly.

suzy sauvage

Ooh, I wish Jermaine would stalk me- dude gives me throbs! Purple velvet jacket is a big plus, too. Snappy.

I only have a few "celeb irl" accounts:

1) My friend and I were dining at a posh Italian restaurant in midtown NYC. We sense a bit of commotion as a couple is seated at the table a bit diagonal from us. Turns out to be a makeup-less Anne Hathaway & her (then) boyfriend (the dude who embezzled all that $$, forget his name). They were so close to us, I could hear their entire conversation. Anne was on the phone with a real estate broker, if I recall.

2) Many moons ago, I was in the car with my mom in the local grocery store parking lot. We're driving away when my mom spies David Hyde Pierce of Frasier w/ his cart of groceries. Cue Mom blocking him from getting into store, rolling down her window, and telling him how much she LOVED his show. I was so embarrassed at the time, haha!


Just before Xmas, Rhys Darby sat next to me on the Link Bus in Auckland. Typical of NZ however… it’s so teeny.


I’ve run into Jemaine before too- at New World.
I once got into an argument with one of the guys from Jackass when I was working at Blockbuster over late fees (had nooo clue who he was til I noticed my co workers staring at me horrified).

My ex ran into Elijah Wood- literally- when they were filming LoTR near Wellington. Walked around a building and smacked into him lol.

ana b.

This is like the I saw Jemaine too post! Because I did too!

On a bus from Newtown to Wellington. But before he was famous and after he did a particularly cool ad for some energy drink where he jumped over bushes and dogs to catch a bus. Super!

Arggg. why not for NZ’ers/ Figures. I’m pretty irritated about that.

Panda Mime

Bret has pretty much made me realise that if a guy that wore a wolf/moon sweater started talking to me nowadays I would definitely pay attention. I especially loved the Bowie episode in season one, where Jemaine runs into the table whilst hovering out of the room.
Anyway, I have met Maggie Smith (Professor McGonagle). She was in Australia for some theater production and we got her autograph on the street. She was not impressed. I have also met 2 of the guys in The Matches… They were pretty douchey to say the least.


Sarah! So glad you found this, I’ve been wondering if they actually were filming a second season, yipee!


I have a few good random dumb ones….

Roy Orbison (when I was 9, but I was related to him through marriage so I guess it was not all that random)
David Copperfield (he was so tan it was bizarre looking and he did not even do a magic trick for me)
I waited on Kirsten Scott Thomas in a fancy clothing boutique I used to work in. And I also waited on Ted Danson at the same place…. he was quite funny and sweet. I sold him a whole bunch of goofy stuff.


Just last weekend, while at a dance party at a Mexican restaurant, I spotted Bret on the dance floor. So of course I danced up on him, trying to get his leather-jacket clad attention. Goodness he was cute.

Yes, I’m reading your archives. Yes, I’m developing a bloggy crush on you. Sue me!


I've seen Goldie Hawn shopping on W 4th Ave in Vancouver, was behind Alan Cummings in line @ Steamrollers off Robson Street and ate lunch in a booth next to Kristin Kreuk (that chick from Smallville) also in Vancouver.


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