For the Love of Books!

My addictions are many, friends. Cheese, travel, furry animals. And books. I love them so hard! I have been known to read Dickens on the beach, to periodically gasp audibly while reading, to judge harshly anyone who doesn’t pick up on a Pride and Prejudice reference.

I am also a social networking nerd. So you can imagine my joy when I heard about Goodreads. It’s like facebook for bibliophiles! You can showcase all of the books you’ve read, rate them and even write reviews. You can befriend people you know in real life or people who seem to have the same taste as you. Then you can peruse their virtual bookshelves so you know what to queue up on that long inter-library loan list. So fun!

Are you keen to join in the book nerdery? It’s easy to sign up and we can be friends! Just search ‘Sarah von Bargen’ and I should pop up. FYI: my favorite books involve cinnamon peelers, heart broken families and a boy named Fish.

What about you?



if you’re not talking about cloudstreet and there’s another book about a boy named fish, i’m going to be very disappointed!

i love my visual bookshelf on facebook, i update it way too often!

julio n carla

love facebook! and i wish i made more time to read… would love a good list thought… you should list your all time faves!

also i’m in love with your blog header! did you make that? i wish i was computer savvy! ha!

thanks for the snowboarding comment… we go back out in a week!

Sarah Von Bargen

Brodie, it *is* Cloudstreet! I love Tim Winton soooo hard. Dirt Music is another favorite of mine. Both of them made me stay up far too late, turning pages under the covers.


Dude. The Cinnamon Peeler poem. Am I allowed to say that I LOVE YOU for knowing that one? That is one of my favorite pieces of writing in the whole universe. The whole book kicks ass but that poem in particular is breathtaking.

I am totally joinin’ up. See you there.


My friends do Goodreads (the cool ones), but I have yet to get into it–I’m too busy meticulously maintaining my Netflix and Facebook profiles. Maybe some day when I’m awesomer…
BTW, DFF (Dickens Friends Forever)!

Sarah Von Bargen

Bethany: The Cinnamon Peeler’s Wife is The Best Poem Ever! I just love it so, so hard. Sometimes when I describe it to people, I feel like I’m going to cry.


I use Shelfari which is just as good! I come home from the library carrying as much as I can & then I sit down & enter all the books into Shelfari so people know what I'm reading! Keeping track of your reading habits is awesome πŸ™‚


BTW this post inspired me to post a similar post on my blog — and it goes along perfectly with my new volunteer opportunity!


I love goodreads – it’s also made me so much more organized in my free reading – I read so much more now that I don’t have to remember what’s next on my list :]


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