4 Fun, Themed Food Parties

Looking for a new theme for your next dinner party? Here are 4 to start!


We’ve established that we love theme parties, yes? But what is even better, I think, are parties in the theme of food!

1. Fondue Party

Our parents were on to something with these parties. A group of friends, cuddled around the table dipping delicious nibblets into delicious sauces? Yes please! Even better, you can surely find an entire shelf devoted to fondue pots at your local Salvation Army. There are heaps of different yummy fondues you can make – blackberry! butterscotch! chocolate! cheese, cheese, cheese! What you choose to dip is up to you, but traditional choices include angel food cake cubes, fruit, bread and roasted vegetables. Bee Gees soundtrack is optional.

2. Cheese tasting Party

I actually threw one of these in November and, lordy, but it was fun. And delicious. Here’s the deal: buy six or seven cheeses, the more obscure the better. Look up descriptions of the cheese online and make a worksheet of sorts listing all the descriptions. (If you’re sneaky like me, you’ll also include several bogus descriptions of similar cheeses to throw your guests off the scent.) Unwrap the cheeses (so there are no identifying labels) and serve each cheese with some sort of yummy pairing. You know, blue cheese with pears, Gouda with almonds, etc. Then your friends taste the cheese and try to match it to the appropriate description. Whoever matches the most cheeses/descriptions wins! Perhaps you could give them a can of squeeze cheese as a prize.

3. Miracle Berry Party

Have you guys heard of this amazing little fruit? It’s a tiny red berry from Africa that contains a specific and rare molecule that makes sour food taste sweet. What?! You can get the effect from eating just one berry and holding the pulp on your tongue for about a minute. Then you have the next hour or so to tuck into lemon wedges, pickles, vinegar, radishes, brussel sprouts – the more bitter and sour, the better. The berries are available online, though they are a bit spendy. Willy Wonka, eat your heart out!

4. 32 Flavors Party

Are you in love with Cold Stone Creamery? The ice cream shop that custom mixes the ice cream flavour of your choice, before your very eyes? Well, friends, there’s no reason you can’t do this at home – alls you is a chilled marble cutting board, several gallons of vanilla ice cream, some formidable forearms and 32 different kinds of mix-ins. Of course you can go the traditional route of Oreo chunks or strawberries or chocolate chips. But how about cinnamon? or pineapple/basil? or earl grey? or ginger? You’ve got 32 opportunities to go crazy! Have your friends bring mix-ins of their own choosing and vote on the best and weirdest flavours.

What’s the best food theme party you’ve been to?

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If I dare say so myself (and I do), the best food theme party has ALWAYS been my annual Cheese Party–eleven years and running.

Similar to your cheese tasting party, this one originated back in high school and the only rule was to bring something with "cheese" in the name–mac & cheese, cheese-garlic biscuits, and in college, um, Cheetos.

Our party game was Pin the Cheese on Wisconsin's Capital, and the person who got closest got the "honor" of wearing the Cheesehead Hat for the rest of the evening.

It actually WAS highly sought after.


Oh cheese, how I love thee. We had a cheese and wine dinner once. It wasn’t so much a party, but we had appetizer cheeses and wine, heavier entree cheeses with breads, and then dessert cheeses and wine. I could re-eat that meal for the rest of my life I think.

I’m jonesing for a fondue party now though, off to the thrifts!


wow that miracle berry sounds amazing! i love that our universe can surprise us with such awesome stuff πŸ™‚


I’ve wanted to try the miracle berries for ages, but can’t find a suitable occasion for them. I’m thinking of just buying some to try on my own!

I love cheese parties and fondues, I’m actually horribly addicted to cheese, I don’t think I could cope with veganism, it’s just too yummy!


I am a huge fan of fondue! Also good is traditional oil fondues – batter up mini Mars Bars and marshmallows (oh & vegetables) and stick them in. Mmm.


That miracle berry thing sounds really cool!
I don’t think I’ve ever been to a food theme party. My parents have had cocktail parties before. Each family creates one or two alcoholic beverage.

Though, I’d love to go to a chocolate theme party. Mmmm, chocolate.

Young Werther

Have I mentioned our sushi parties? Bowl of rice, plate of filling (tuna, avocado, anything you fancy…) , stack of nori seaweed and a couple of sushi mats.

The worst bit…. cleaning up after πŸ™‚


I think all parties in Japan are food themed:
Nabe parties
Yaki Niku parties
I love it all πŸ™‚
I have never eaten fondue and I think the cost of cheese in Japan might prevent me from doing so…


a fondue party sounds amazing, but i’ve got to say that ice cream parties are my fav. all kinds of flavors and toppings and i’m in heaven.


I will definitely try fondue party and 32 flavors party!
Me and my friend have had small chocolate fondue parties here at my work. Dark chocolate fondue with strawberries, pineapple, apple, grapes, mango,… Yummy!!! Bit sad to have those at my work, but I’m always working so it’s easier for my friends to come and hang around here in day times. After all I’m my own boss so I can do what I want as long as I stay here at the shop πŸ˜€ So the chocolate fondue is a great way to brighten up my work days!


This sounds like so much fun!!! I’m aiming to have a dumpling party, where we sit around, make three different kinds of dumplings then eat them as soon as they’re cooked. Yum.

Sarah Von Bargen

Tash: that sounds delishi! I once went to a party hosted by a Polish friend and we all made different peirogies (polish dumlings) and drank a lot of vodka. It was awesome!


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