Notes from the Road: NYC

One would think that if we left for Lima, Peru on Saturday at 8 a.m. we would be there by now. I should be on my third cup of coca tea by now and surrounded by my own herd of tiny llamas.

But I am not tucked in among loving alpacas. I am tucked amongst investment bankers and trophy wives at a swanky, swishy hotel in New Jersey. We landed in New Jersey after the first leg of our trip from Minneapolis, only to find our flight overbooked by six people. Which seeeeeems like it would be awful, but when you’ve got three months of wandering ahead of you, what’s one less day? Especially, when they give you each a $500 voucher for future airfare, a first class upgrade for our flight tomorrow, a room at a fancy place and heaps of food vouchers so I can indulge my cheese addiction in a new state? YES PLEASE!

After retiring to our giant room to inspect the complimentary toiletries and jump on the bed, we headed into Manhattan for an impromptu meet up with my favorite New Yorker and college roomie. We drove through Times Square, ate some yummo Mexican food, drank a bit too much bubbly red wine (who knew such a thing existed?) and cuddled Lulu the French Bulldog. We caught the train back to New Joisey at 1 am and have now slept in and lolled in bed watching cable on the giant TV.

Soon we’ll head back to the airport in the same clothes we wore yesterday. And we’ll be those people who get to load first when they say “We are now boarding all rich and fancy people.”

And it will be a lot of rich and fancy people and then us. The Mister in his zip-off hiking pants and me wearing skinny jeans and Eu du Bulldog.

Okay, see you in Peru! This time for real!

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  1. You are my fave...

    The first class bump would be completely worth it. Plus, who doesn’t like to spend a night in NYC?

  2. Edith

    That sounds fantastic!

  3. Hannah Miet

    I am so vicariously excited for Peru!

    And happy you had fun in my hometown.

  4. Brooke

    first class…so swanky!

  5. suzanne cabrera

    Wow…you’re definitely made the best of what could potentially be a very frustrating situation! Sounds like an awesome pit stop on an incredible journey-to-be.

  6. Darcie

    SCORE! first class for the win!

  7. sskatherine

    Lucky you! I always wish something like that would happen to me when I am traveling.

  8. Ms Constantine

    That’s amazing! Flashy hotel and first class 😀 !

    Great start to your trip despite the over booked flight.

  9. Jackie

    I stayed in a pretty swanky hotel once. It had the BEST bathroom I’ve ever had the pleasure to use.

  10. Helene

    AWESOME! Swanky hotel, first class AND $500 travel money!! Everyone seems to have left out the best part! I’m vair vair jalouse but so happy you got a sweet kick-off to your journey!

  11. brodie

    joisey to peru in zip-off hiking pants? wonderful!

  12. SnapandPrint

    First class bump and vouchers? Score!

  13. Freya

    Nicely done! I’ve only ever been in that situation once, but I used my free ticket to go to LA later that year and it’s nice to just relax in a free hotel.

    And oh, free cheese. . . mmmm.

  14. cheray natalie

    brilliant! that’s actually a great way to start the trip! enjoy boarding with the rich and fancy people 😉 and enjoy your entire trip! xxx

  15. Bella

    Just goes to show that sometimes a mishap is really a bonus in disguise. I love it when things work out for the best!

    P.S. I’m so jealous of your first class upgrade!


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