The Soundtrack of your Adolescence

So, we’ve established the soundtrack of your childhood. There was much dancing and a few themed outfits. But what about those tender years between grades 6 and 12?
  • Despite that fact that you are the epitome of white bread, you like to dabble in the hip hop. You’ve got your JNCO jeans, you’ve got your oversized 26Red t-shirt, you are totally ready to do the running man to this song at the middle school dance.
  • Even though you know it’s much cooler to hate this song, you secretly weep to it. At the movie and when you’re driving in the rain and when Captain Football dumps you for that girl who will let him get to third base. Sometimes you sing it into the back of your hairbrush … and really go for broke on that “Iiiiii-eeeeee-iiiiii” part.
  • This is the perfect song for making out with that cute, long-haired guy you met at the county fair. Sure, he drives a van with carpet in the back. And, yes, you’re fairly sure he’s dropped out of school. But he’s from Out Of Town! How cool is that?
  • You spend a large part of your summer listening to this song and driving to different beaches, stuffed into beat-up hatchbacks. Nudity seems to be a reoccuring theme this summer – skinny-dipping, flashing, getting caught doing the former.
  • You attempt to rectify previous bad music choices by totally devoting yourself to The Beastie Boys and this song. You like to attempt the robot while dancing to said song. You develop a thing for dark-haired, large-nosed boys that lasts well into your twenties.

What was the music that played while you wore braces?



really? did you actually make out to a dead foetus song in secondary school? did everyone do this? have I missed out?


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