The Soundtrack of your Childhood

No, but I mean really. When your life is finally made into a movie, what’s the soundtrack going to be?Scene: One-bedroom apartment, circa late 70s – early 80s. Mom is tiny in her maroon double knit jumpsuit and Dad is rocking some Alabama Thunder. You are but a wee, bald muffin in a onesie. Mom and Dad are teary and joyful over you and this song.

Scene: You are five and you are an excellent dancer. You love this song so hard! Best dancing outfit: green footie pajamas. Best dance venue: the kitchen while Mom’s cooking dinner. Best dancing moves: punching from side to side, marching in place (sometimes in circles), jumping jacks.

Scene: You are seven and totally embarrassed of your amateurish dance moves of yesteryear. You have moved on to a sophisticated ensemble of pink leotard, striped leg warmers and arm poofs. You and the BFF spend your summer choreographing dances to this and forcing the neighbor ladies to watch.

Scene: By 5th grade, you are wicked hard core. You’re so tough you listen to rap! You memorize the lyrics to this classic and recite them to kids on the playground for a quarter, which is a pittance for this caliber of entertainment.

Scene: Sixth grade is full of angst (in the form of a triangle perm, braces and glasses) and Kurt Cobain is the only one who can understand you. You wear your dad’s flannel shirts and your winter boots all year round because your allowance won’t cover a new pair of Doc Martens.

Scene: You know it’s deeply uncool, but you really love this song. You even bought the single! On tape! You secretly dance to it every morning before school, but swear allegiance to Pearl Jam when asked.

What music were your formative years set to?



hi sarah πŸ™‚

i hope you are having a lovely time in peru so far… too bad you were not in Lima this saturday, the Carnaval was fun!

Lima can be a tricky city, but I can definitely try to suggest several places you can visit while being here. Its a great city to eat, drink coffee and maybe go to some concerts. Let’s get in touch when you are here, I’d be more than glad to show you some places or suggest where you could go, depending on what travel mood you are in πŸ™‚

where are you now?


I love this topic, when I was little my parents listened to a lot of reggae (even though they are not from the islands)I thought this was totally normal ,but some how I missed the connection between drugs and reggae…when I got to college and all the pot heads were listening to Bob Marley I didn’t get it.


Omg, I totally rocked the triangle perm and braces in 6th grade ::grimaces:: lol!

Loved this post! I still love “Livin’ on a prayer!”


The links don't work for most of them anywhere due to copy right ifringement!!!! please tell what the songs are!! I really like the idea of this playlist and your descriptions


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