Top 10 Essential Activities to Partake in Before Winter Is Over

(Megan usually blogs at Charade. She a traveler, a student and a general life-enthusiast. She is also a competition level polyvore pro)

So, Christmas is done for, we’re all a little bit chubbier, and the arctic days no longer hold the charm of the festive season, they’re just cold. About now you’re probably demanding the imminent appearance of summer, but hold your horses. We’ve a few months left so let’s use them wisely.

1. Go ice skating, indoor or outdoor depending on your preference/global location. Did you know it’s thought to burn between 250-810 calories per hour?! Bye, bye mince pie muffin top!

2. Walk in a winter wonderland. Long, leisurely walks in the winter have their very own charm. Crunchy, frosted grass underfoot, robins in the trees and the chance of snowfall, how can you resist? Get yourself out there with the promise of a cosy pub lunch.

3. Sit by an open fire, preferably toasting marshmallows. If you don’t own one, find one. I’m serious, beg, borrow or steal to get your butt beside one, you won’t regret that instant nostalgic, fuzzy feeling a roaring fire is sure to generate.

4. Wear Mittens. If you don’t have any, shame on you. Buy some, wear them, and hold hands with a fellow mitten wearer. Be happy. Ear muffs are an optional (but highly encouraged) extra.

5. Eat porridge for breakfast. It’s ridiculously nutritious, tastes of sunshine if you had a little fruit or syrup and will keep you feeling warm and content for hours afterward.

6. Experiment with warm drinks like Hot Dr. Pepper Try a hot chocolate made simply by heating some milk and stirring in a huge chunk of chocolate, or even add alcohol and have a red hot cocktail party with recipes like Hot Buttered Bourbon. You can always make a huge batch of your chosen beverage and utilise a cute flask like one of these when you’re out an about on those extra nippy days.

7. Celebrate the act of wrapping up with Charade’s Chunky Knits feature.

8. Help out your local homeless or elderly. The cold weather may suck for you but think how much more severely it can affect someone without a bed or with weak health. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen or make a donation to a charity like Age Concern

9. Go to the beach. No, I’m not kidding. A beach in winter can be a truly magnificent spectacle; the crash and drag of a roaring sea; invigorating winds; a moody, looming sky and the eerie absence of the general public…

10. Get fit! Summer will be here before you know it and cold weather now doesn’t excuse a jelly belly when you’re in your bikini. Yoga or Pilates classes can be a truly heavenly activity in the winter months, as long as we’re not talking draughty church halls.



This is JUST what I needed today! Especially the reminder that I should be utilizing my fireplace more. It’s been so neglected …


while i appreciate the sentiment of getting the most from these fleeting winter days, i can’t stop thinking ~really?! really, i yearn for a day that’s just too hot. where i wish i was cold. 🙁 go away, winter!!


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