My Favorite Addictions

A wee while ago the lovely curiousbird tagged me to pull back the rotting log and share the white maggots of my addictions.

As though I´d be into anything as edgy and exciting as maggots.

  1. The Internetz.
    As evidenced by the fact that I am currently on holiday in Peru, and yet? Here I am in an internet cafe, writing a blog post and compulsively twittering.
  2. Cheese.
    Please allow me to share this anecdote to illustrate: I lived in Taiwan for a year and half a while ago and the Chinese people are not particularly keen on their dairy products. For the first two weeks that I was there, I could not, for the life of me, locate any decent cheese. This lack of cheese in my diet resulted in an eight pound weight loss. But don´t worry – after I found the expensive import store, all was once again right in the world.
  3. Magazines.
    Few things beat a sun porch, a cup of chai and a lady magazine. And apparently I´m actually a 45 year old yuppie, because I love Real Simple and the Oprah magazine. So be it.
  4. Baby Animals.
    I don´t actually own any at the moment, but I am often reduced to baby talk and cuddling upon seeing any mammal that is a pre-teen. I recently spent 15 minutes cooing at a stray Bolivian puppy with matted fur. Irresistible!
  5. Planning.
    Hence my daily mantra. If I´m not careful, I´ll spend all my free time waxing Virgo on the up-coming weeks and months. I must always have three back up plans for any given scenario.
But what about you?! What are the things you can´t live without?


Shannon (A beautiful Dream)

Ohh, even I am coo-ing over the idea of a stray bolivian puppy with matted fur. how did you resist not smuggling him into your suitcase??

My addictions are fashion magazines, trying to capture eyelashes with my macro setting, american drama shows on TV and cutting my toenails really really short.

Wow, I’m really weird.


Soaking in hot baths while reading magazines, buying books (even though I have a stack of books I haven’t read yet), and Dove promises (milk chocolate). Also, dvds.


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