Thoughts on Swimming

I’m watching the sky, doing a leisurely back stroke – but I think I’m getting there.

Are you doggy paddling or doing the crawl?



between two jobs, being on national level in a volunteer-based service organization, 18 credit hours, a boyfriend who lives 2 hours away, and planning an august trip to barcelona, girl, you know i’m doing the strongest buttafly you’ve ever seen.

using every single muscle in my body and breathing only when i need it, might be getting a little tired but man, it feels good 🙂


I’m doggy-paddling toward the future, hoping the ship has started coming in towards me in the next few years. Ah, college, you are the most expensive way to wait out the recession.


Oh, I love it. Treading water for a few more weeks, but about to start swimming in earnest. Promise.


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