Why Every Woman Should Learn to Say “Scarf” in French

I think it is universally acknowledged that we’re all half in love with Winona of Daddy Likey. She’s wicked funny, she’s really nice, she’s got hair as good as mine and she’s written for National Geographic, y’all! I’m lucky enough to count her among my internet girlfriends – we’re working on a plan for 2012 to blog our way across Russia on the Transiberian Railroad. Consider yourselves warned!Pretty much everyone on earth agrees that French women always look effortlessly chic and perfectly pulled together. So what’s their big secret? Good genes? Nope. Magical La Mer skin cream? Well, yeah, that probably helps, but it’s not the big secret. OK, do you really want to know?


Seriously, look closer at any photo of a stunning French woman, and you’ll see she’s wearing her Michigan State sweats and an old t-shirt from the Hanes 3-pack. It’s both empowering and terrifying to realize it, but the only difference between you and a stylish French woman is that she has a gorgeous scarf around her neck.

Scarves and hats are very similar in that they take very little effort—extend arm, grab scarf and/or hat, and put it on— but have the power to upgrade or transform a whole look. No matter your hurry or mood, there’s no excuse to not throw on a pretty scarf

To make things even easier, there is really no such thing as a bad scarf, so the details here are up to you. Wide scarves, skinny scarves, warm scarves, printed scarves, solid scarves, sequined scarves, cheap scarves, expensive scarves—I love and own them all. You could make one designer silk scarf your signature look or could wear a different scarf every day. Either way, you’ll look amazing. Here are a few of my current favorite scarf finds.

Tie any of these gorgeous options, or an old scarf of your own, around your neck nonchalantly, practice saying “Oui, oui!” and just try to walk to the corner store without getting mobbed by street style photographers. They won’t even notice that stain on your Michigan State sweats.

Are you a scarf fanatic? And, more importantly, when you wear them – do people think you’re French?



Another good thing about wearing scarves all the time is that people start thinking you collect them. And they start giving you scarves as souvenirs when they return home from their journeys. I have received 3 beautiful scarves as gifts in the past 3 months. So now I’m gonna state myself as a scarf collector and hope for more!


i am definitely a scarf fanatic, and now it’s legitimate since i spent last semester in France and acquired all my current collection of scarves (ou bien, écharpes) there! people do say i look French and i love it! it may have to do with my straight, long, anne-hathaway-in-devil-wears-prada bangs. love it. scarves dress ANYTHING up 🙂


Scarves are wonderful! Can’t count how many I have, it’s become a bit of an addiction 🙂 But to survive these cold Belgian winters, you’d better have a couple.. And since Belgium’s close to France, I consider myself very Francais indeed, mais oui!


My scarf collection overfloweth. They’re one of my favorite items to thrift, too! Cheap and cheerful, and vintage ones have loads of personality.

Anne (in Reno)

I haven’t quite mastered the summer scarf look (it’s a bit much when it’s 100 out) but I am a hearty fan of the scarf for the six months of the year that it is cold enough here to wear one. I am also realizing that is where my outfits get the most pattern and color too.

So I also agree with dumdidum – one of the best things about being a scarf-wearer is when people start to give you MORE scarves. And I feel like it just makes any outfit from a pile of laundry into a capital-O Outfit.


There is a pretty serious need for some scarves for men during the summer – that poorly worded sentence is my way of saying the current crop of flimsy hipster fabric swatches simply do not cut it.


I LOVE scarves! They’ve become a bit of an addiction for me living in the “Great White North” where we have six months of winter!

Sarah Von Bargen

I am a compulsive scarf wearer. And though no one ever mistakes me for being French (I suspect I´m too smiley?) I´m always taken for Swedish or Dutch. Which I will gladly accept.


I’m french and I have been endlessly teased by american friends about my scarves… I can’t even consider not going without a scarf. I think I would feel naked…


Scarves you say? Do I love scarves?
My blog header picture is my scarves collection! Yeah, I am kinda addicted to them…


I have only recently expanded my scarf collection & they're all definitely getting lots of wear. Don't think anyone has thought I was French, tho. Sadly.


i love scarves. i went through a phase of wearing them even in the summer and my mum thought i was crazy, but i was obviously just being chic and french! haha


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