A Five Point Plan



I really like number 2. I have conciously try that out for a week straight and see how I feel.


This is great except I may have a problem with my “little voice.” It can be regularly heard saying things like…

“You should probably just go ahead and eat one more cookie.”

“It’s only 11:30. The grocery is still open for 30 more minutes. You can still drive up to get the coffee ice cream. Who cares if you are in your pajamas?!”

Later at the grocery store…

“That bitch took the last pint of Haagen Dazs! Make her pay by accidentally dropping this glass jar of BBQ sauce on the floor next to her $400 suede shoes!”

See what I am gettin’ at here? If I listen to my little voice I will become a fat violent threat to public safety. I will follow all the suggested items on this list with my own twist… Do my best NOT to listen to my little voice!!!


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