Things I Bought That I Love

In light of this, I am committing the ultimate blogger crime and reposting something that I´ve already published elsewhere. But we´ll all look past this because it involves shopping, right?

Oooh, let´s give ourselves over to some hedonistic consumerism, shall we?! I´ll dish on some of my favorite, bestest purchases if you´ll dish on yours!

    1. Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector: Or as I like to call it ¨Robot Face¨ because when I use this magical, magical stuff I look like a cross between a Botticelli-clam-shell-stander and those weird human robots from A-I.


  • Lint Eating Machine; Do you have any Virgos in your life? Because they will love you forever if you get them one of these. And while you´re at it, get one for yourself. It will rejuvinate your favorite sweater and allow you to buy all those cute, pilly cardigans at the Salvation Army.



  • Black Harem Pants: I bought mine in 2006 from a street vendor in Italy. Half as a joke and half as sleeping gear for the train. So no one was more surprised that me when I found myself wearing them every blessed day of the last three summers. Because they´re comfy! And match everything! And vaguely weird/fashion forward without being totally ridiculous! Just somewhat ridiculous.



  • IKEA Poang Chair: I know, I know. IKEA furniture is nigh on disposable. But this chair is so insanely comfortable! And it doesn´t burn my retinas the way Eazyboys do. And it costs less than one paycheck.



  • Dr. Scholl´s Massaging Gel Insoles: I have the feet of a Jane Austen heroine – thin and pale and ridiculously high arched. And yet I will insist on buying $11 novelty ballet flats from Target. To make up for this, I buy a pair of these insoles and tuck them into every blessed pair of shoes that I have. So great! I am, indeed, gellin´.


What about you? What purchases have you made that are worth their weight in gold?P.S. This list is inspired by the fantastic and hilarious blog Things I Bought That I Love. It´s now defunct, but I promise, you´ll want to read through every single post. It´s written by Kelly Kipoor from The Office!



i believe shopping is just as therapeutic as a real counselor or therapist. retail therapy baby!

just a girl...

wow I really l love your blog. I love the pore stuff myself and could live at IKEA. I do a I love series on my blog with my favorite things you should come check it out sometime.

Right now one of my favorite things is DDF sulfur mask this stuff is amazing.


Sar–I had an extra $20 on a bloomingdale's gift card, and I totally just searched your archives for "robot face," because I know that's what you call that clinique stuff. Just made me giggle. Hope you're having wonderful travels!!


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