Ideas I Will Now Procede To Steal

As you guys may know, I’m knee deep in paint and spackle and craigslist furniture in an effort to turn my diamond-in-the-rough apartment into the sparkler that I know she wants to be. I’ve been trolling the design blogs, searching high and low for a bit o’ inspiration. Here’s what’s floating my boat!
Chalkboard doors! So lovely and whimsical!
And more importantly – great for list making.
Piling my oodles of bangles onto something delightful
and appropriately weird. Why didn’t I think of this before?
It’s awesome because it’s like a library and a shoe store all at once!
Is this what heaven is like?
Tiny little biospheres! Wouldn’t this be even better
if there was a wee plastic DINOSAUR IN THERE?!
I love the idea of tucking three dimensional objects
into arrangements of photos on the wall.
Delicate little mobiles made from
things hiding in your junk drawer.
Hanging random things from the ceiling.
I love it!
And the best design element I’ve seen yet?
One very giant dog.
(all photos from designsponge)

Are there any design tricks you’ve been aching to try?


Sarah Von Bargen

Redhead, I've been dying to try one of those, too. They seem like a cute/cheap solution to a boring empty wall. I'm just worried about how easily it would come off when I move out!


Oh those are all such cute ideas! Especially the room with the ladder..okay, and the room with the big giant dog. I've always wanted a chalk board wall, but I can't imagine that would be practical in my tiny apartment. Plus I'd get all anal retentive about erasing properly (no smudges!) and spend hours with a damp paper towel in one hand screaming about wire hangers…or something.


Get the chalk doors. I actually saw a blog the other day that had her kitchen cabinets done in chalk board. She could write recipes and shopping lists all over them.


I love the whimsical touches! My favorite was the library/bathroom/closet! That's so going in my dream home one day! 🙂

Material Girl

I've been wanting a DIY kitchen chalkboard for EVER, and I finally found a huge old metal picture frame. Now I just need to drag myself to Home Depot to get some wood to fit inside, and I've got the chalkboard paint waiting. IT'S GONNA RULE. thanks for reminding me to get on it!


I have so many! Trawling through the internet finding inspiration > cramming any day of the week. I want to hang lanterns off the sides of my book-case, construct a giant photo mosaic on my wall, buy a trunk to keep my clothes in.. the list goes on.. i love the idea of the chalkboard paint, wonder if you can get it in NZ!

The Naked Redhead

I am going to plunk down cash for a wall decal in the next few days most likely…I'll let you know how easily they come off! I live in an apartment, too…so hopefully they won't be too problematic.

molly burkett

aww, these are great! the shoe library would be a dream come true. i've always wanted to chalkboard-paint an entire room. endless possibilities! but so much dust…


I've been trolling for apartment ideas too and I'm going to unceremoniously steal yours if that's acceptable. I found a wonderful little Buddha with his hands raised high that I'm using as a bangle holder. He makes me happy every time I go to get dressed.


I've got the chalkboard paint wall in my room, very cool! Every time my friends come over it's covered in doodles. Plus I use a miniature statue of the old pope my grandfather had lying around to drape all my necklaces and bangles on, works like magic!


Oh that ladder in the shoe closet is amazing! Envy envy envy.

I'm dying to wallpaper a single wall in our main room but that'll probably not happen until next summer. Sigh.


I'm not that big on chalkboards (I hate the noise of chalk on the board), but was looking into black bedrooms, when I stumbled across an awesome Domino feature: They featured a lovely house where the master bedroom had all the walls painted in chalkboard paint. There weren't writings up or anything, just gorgeous slate-like black paint. Lovely. Also, you can now buy bright neon marker sets so you can draw on the chalkboard without making that obnoxious noise, and it leaves bright, paint-like color when you write.


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