If You Could Not Fail

Now, I am not someone who generally expects to fail (witness my totally unfounded belief that I am destined for cycling greatness) but my reckless enthusiasm is often tempered by a big dose of “Let’s be realistic now.” Visions of night-club siren-songing get watered down into karaoke nights and book-writing becomes blog-writing. I’ll give myself a tiny pat on the back for at least heading in the right direction, but I sometimes wonder what would I attempt to do if I knew I couldn’t fail?So many things, friends! Like:

The aforementioned night club singing – all cooing and Jessica Rabbit-ish.

Writing a book. Or books! Wild, ridiculous children’s’ books, full of outlandish pictures! And funny travel books that give Bill Bryson a run for his money!

Becoming a tap dancing fiend. I’m not sure where my tap dancing success would take me, but I’m sure it would be full of glittery jazz pants and seamed stockings.

Giving up the 9-5. I love my job. I do. But I would love to be one of those people who cobbles together a decent living through a bunch of free lance work and general fabulousness.

As I type these fantasies up, I can’t help but think “Why am I not making these things happen? Why am I sitting on my haunches, settling for the watered down version of my dreams?” It’s go time, kiddos. What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?



I would definitely do the last one too. I am currently looking at part-time work to help restore a better work/life balance, but it would be awesome (and scary) if I could shrug off the whole traditional system and just write all day, working for myself.

I would also maybe try getting back into singing again. It's something I've always enjoyed, even today when it's just me being tuneless in the shower :p



I would quit my job and be a full-time creative writer, instead of somebody else's writer/editor.

I would do things that only elite athletes do, because I'd be one too.


Sounds like we're all longing to quit our dayjobs. Much as I adore my boss, I'd chuck mine, too, to focus on my writing and style consultation projects.

And I'm with Erin: Man, would I love to be a competitive cyclist.


dude, you should write a travel book. you know what? it would be better than bill bryson. he's funny and stuff, but not ~that~ funny.


I would live off freelance writing. I've always wanted to write articles for Time Magazine or The Times newspaper.


write amazing, life changing books.
run a marathon (working on this one!)
quit my job and be awesome full time.

The Naked Redhead

Eh, much like you, I am already pretty sure I won't fail at anything because I have this belief that I am AMAZING at EVERYTHING.

This belief usually means that I find myself crying tears of shame after challenging someone to, oh say, a wrestling match. Whatevs.

If I knew I couldn't fail, I'd invest in some high-risk, quick payout something-er-other. Everything I REALLY want to do with my life requires more money than I have, so if I couldn't fail, I'd first make a shit-ton of money. Then I'd quit my job and just go do the stuff I'd love.

Panda Mime

I think about singing every day. EVERY DAY. I wish I had the guts to start a band. Or the motivation to learn an instrument. I am a performer trapped in a cynical, self depreciating body… 🙁

Material Girl

oh my, oh my, it's a scary question because of how much you have to admit you're NOT doing that you wish you were!

think i'll answer it on my blog rightnow! is my eagerness to reveal personal info thanks to a glass of wine and the bf's expertly mixed gin and tonic? naahhhhh…..;)


Wow. I would quit my job and set about becoming a kick ass freelance writer who yarns all day about fashion, culture and travel. Oh wait… here goes! I'll let you know how it goes.

Sarah, if you ever need a travel buddy, someone just to take notes and take the snaps while you're researching the book – let me know!


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