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Because it a Friday! And it’s summer! Like you’re really going to accomplish anything at work.

My girl Winona makes an excellent argument in favor of every one’s favorite early 90’s hairstyle.How cute are these sweaters? And I bet you could make your own if you’re handy with an embroidery needle.

Because I love a) things that are sparkly b) weird things hanging from the ceiling: ship chandeliers!

Spread love where ever you go with this guerilla love kit. Too.damn.cute.

Fantastic drug-store makeup finds for under $8. Wouldn’t it be great it everything that made us feel beautiful cost this little?

Fascinating! Gorgeous houses in terrible locations. I love the historical farmhouse that has a train running through the back yard!

An adorable idea for any upcoming birthday or anniversary – a catalog of love.

You wouldn’t think that a bullet casing and gemstones would go together so well. And yet….

I love every.single.one of cmykboom’s inspiration machines. Really, all of them!

Apparently, I’m not the only one who wants to reinterpret Disney princesses for the modern day.

On the reality of rock/paper/scissors. And how, exactly, paper beats anything.

Oh, this video is going to get you. Street performers around the world singing Stand by Me. Tear!

Have a great weekend!



Omigoodness. I love the guerilla love kit idea. So cute! I was in a random bathroom stall on my campus the other day and someone had written "You are beautiful!" on the stall door on gigantic pink cursive and it totally made me grin like a creep!

Your blog always makes me smile.

And sometimes also to drop out of school, dig out my backpack, and go travelling again πŸ™‚


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