30 New Things: Make Sweet corn Ice cream

Professional Minnesotan Garrison Keillor is credited with saying sweet corn is better than sex. Sooooo, sweet corn ice cream? That must be your own personal passport into heaven, right?Right. Last weekend my lovely friends Shaun and Erin helped me brave the waters of culinary exploration to create this version of summer in a bowl. We used this recipe. And while it was a bit fussy (my strengths have never been yolk/white separation or tempering) it is worth every blessed step. Also, it takes a while so you can drink a lot of wine, eat a lot of cheese and tell funny stories about emotionally needy dogs while you wait.And it is so worth the wait! Insanely creamy, just the right amount of sweet and tasting exactly like the sweet corn you buy off the back of a truck, down a tiny dirt road on the Iowa border. So, so highly recommended.

Would you try sweet corn ice cream? What’s your favorite non-traditional ice cream flavor?



Sarah, in Brazil we have sweetcorn icepops…! Have you tried it while here? Sweetcorn is not reaaaaaally my cup of tea, but I must confess those icepops were delish!! =)

Sarah Von Bargen

I never tried it while I was down there – but I wish I would have. I can't believe I existed for nearly 30 years without this ice cream in my life! 😀


I would totally try the corn ice cream! I grew in in Northern Illinois, Yo! There is no way it would not please my taste buds. We once made avocado ice cream at home. It was pretty darn tootin good too. We used coconut milk in it so it was mighty tropical tastin' stuff.


Jeni's! My favorite without question is the Crème Fraîche with Amarena Cherries…omg, must go get some before I move out of Columbo.

Sarah, I might buy an ice cream maker so I can make that stuff again…it was even better than I imagined.


🙂 mmmmm the picture looks mighty tasty! Ha, you're making me want to go over my limited culinary abilities and try to master this! xD Unfortunately the most exotic type of icecream i find over here is the mysterious BLUE scoop (& who knows what's in it other than food colouring?!) ^^;;;


I love sweet corn…and I love Ice Cream. Put them both together and I can imagine ice cream. Can't wait to try this recepie.


Mmm, I love sweet corn icecream, I bought it all the time when I was in China. Which coincidentally is where I had the weirdest icecream flavour ever – green pea!


Hey, this is Ryan at Jeni's.

You won't find the recipe for our Sweet Corn & Black Raspberry (sorry!), but here are seven recipes that Jeni adapted for the home cook:




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