30 New Things: Put a Message in a Bottle

* note: I don’t usually wear houndstooth peacoats
in old fishing boats whilst releasing bottles.



Semms cool. Unless, of course, the one who finds your message is contemplating murder;)
Best wishes, Karolina

Sarah Von Bargen

Gene: I can't believe I didn't think of that! Ahhhh! The opportunities missed. 😉 … though I was hoping to drink wine on a slightly fancier boat that my dad's 30 year old Lund.


aw that's awesome. I thought about doing that but there aren't really oceans near me just rivers and lakes that flow through a dam. Next time I go to a beach though I'll have to remember to do that.


I've always wanted to do that too. Is your message a reference to the PostSecret postcard (gah, can't find a link to it)?



Love it, all of it- the houndstooth, the boat, the bottle releasing.
It is nice to think that whoever finds it will turn around and change their life. Yes, as everyone else has mentioned, hopefully change their life for the better.
Such a beautiful thing to do!

Sarah Von Bargen

R – Yes! I wanted to link to it too, but couldn't find a link either. But such a great message, eh? I want to write it everywhere! Was actually contemplating writing it on my cash so it would circulate amongst society, giving signs to everyone looking for one! 😀


this is really cool! but i can't help but think about the blue whale, or the large sharks around these parts (Kenyan coast) that might swallow it!! is there another way?


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