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In college, a friend once accused me of being the human incarnation of The Fancy Feast Cat. He probably made this comparison because I want to be carried everywhere on a pillow and eat all my food out of a crystal goblet … but I’d like to think it also had to do with the fact that, like a cat, I’m constantly trying to fit myself into the most awesomely tiny and cozy space available.In that paper bag. Under your dresser. Inside a sock.

I lovelovelove tiny living spaces. Anybody can make a 3,000 square foot McMansion work, it takes true talent to make a postage stamp studio look lovely and uncluttered. There are so, so many benefits to living in a small space. They’re cheaper, they force you to be a conscious consumer and you can actually afford do them up in high style. It’s pretty hard to swing 1,000 square feet of mahogany flooring, but 15 square feet? I bet you could do that.

Here are some of my favorite tiny gems that I’ve found while trawling the internetz.

Wee West Village Rental

How cute is this tiny little place? It’s rented by Apartment Therapy bigwigs Maxwell and Sara Kate. Would you believe that they’ve lived in these same 245 square feet for 14 years? And now they share this space with a baby!? Impressive.
I think this is actually bigger than my kitchen.
Look at those genius doors! The renters made these
themselves out of industrial felt.
Clever, clever putting lighting in the bedside bureaus.
Magical, I think.
400 Square Feet of Awesome
Compared to the above 275 square feet, this place seems nigh-on enormous with it’s luxurious 400 square feet. The renter is a girl after my own heart, decorating almost exclusively with Ikea and Craigslist finds.
So clever! Tara converted her high-ceilinged walk-in
closet into a wee little nest of a bedroom. I would
love to snuggle up in there with all of those books.
Is that red bookcase fantastic?Mirrored armoire = hallway seems a gajillion times bigger.
Gajillion, it’s an official measurement term.

We’re all a little big in love with the Tumbleweed houses aren’t we? They’re made from beautiful materials and filled with the same gorgeous details you find in huge, expensive homes. I can’t get over what a delicious little morsel this house is.

Not an outhouse.

I love the modern/cottage look. Look
at that cheeky little portrait to the left of the door!
Flip up table = genius.
Vacation homes are expensive, eh? But maybe you could afford a one-bedroom, 11′ by 11′, vintage tourist cabin? The current owners bought it in 2006 for $500! People own shoes that cost more than that! They completely furbished it, trying to stay as true as possible to the cabin’s humble roots.
I love the period-appropriate fan.

Would you ever want to live in a super small space?




I'd want to live in a super small space IF I could have that little closet-bed with the books. It looks so cozy!


When I think small living spaces, I think of Gene Kelly's living quarters in an American in Paris. Talk about postage stamp, but functional!


i never thought i would dig it, but i LOVE our tiny house. over the long winters it can get cramped and in the summer it forces you out sometimes, but i wouldn't trade our 773 sqft for anything…so cozy, it's like getting a hug.


I've been living in small spaces for the past 6ish years… I like it because it prevents you from accumulating stuff – the more space you have, the more crap you'll buy to fill it up! It's just human. I very much need closet space though. Otherwise all my clothes end up scattered all over the floor.

Recently me and my boyfriend bought an Ikea Expedit which is a HUGE space saver (all my friends have one…) and we can now walk to the desk without having to step on the mattress. This made a huge difference to me! (but the bf didn't seem to care..)


very interesting! i can see the benefits of living in a smaller space but i have too much junk! not even junk really. stuff. i'm a stuff collector. kind of. i'm not sure. but i do like space. my house is kinda small compared to a lot of people's houses sorta! it's less than 1200 square feet! mostly i bought it because my dog needed a yard to play in, plus she's a pit bull and no apartment would let me rent with a pit bull, so buying a house was the best option and investment. but yeah. sometimes i think it would be nice to have a simpler life, even though mine is still relatively simple.


You ARE currently living in a tiny space – my brain! All your posts lately seem to be right on the ball with my life… I've just moved into a little studio apartment, and am working out exactly how to decorate it so it's less shoebox-like. So thanks for the perfect and inspirational post!



Absolutely. We spent a long weekend in a tiny one-bedroom cabin in Virginia not long ago, and I thought to meself: "Self, THIS is how you can have a vacation home one day!"

Jaka Merriman

I've always loved small living spaces! The 245sqft place is a bit much, but the 400 one is perfect! I had my office in our walk-in closet for a while and loved it. Unfortunately, my husband is 6'6" with a 54' chest, so I'm not sure I could cram him into a walk-in bedroom. :3


Those are so cute, I have just moved back home with my parents for a bit, so technically I've gone from having a whole house (albeit shared with three flatmates) to just one room, and I am pretty happy with it!

I'm a bit of a tidyness-freak though, I could never handle a little apartment if it was messy, I'd just have to be ruthless about throwing away/not accumulating too much stuff.


What cute little places! I'm also a fan of small living spaces, and can't imagine ever living in a house with *gasp* tons of rooms and space. My little apartment is quite small, but the "changing room" fits my full size bed perfectly, and has a cute little built-in dresser. The Murphy bed in the living room was converted into a nice-sized closet. So now it's a one bedroom in spirit, but really if you look close enough, it's just a studio. I love it!


Most definetly! I would take any of those little homes, though the concept of sharing one with a husband AND a baby is slightly terrifying.

I love the feeling if itty bitty spaces, especially when things are organized… I'd be curious to see what it'd be like to LIVE in one, though!


Such darling spots … but having lived in an SF studio apt with a 6'4" man and two cats, I now prefer to spreeeead out!


Actually, I just started renting this old converted duplex with 8 other girls at university, and my room is an incredibly tiny space with an incredibly tiny walk in alcove-y thing. I hadn't decided on whether the alcove was going to be my bedroom or a work space, but I love the teeny bedroom so much I just might have to go with that! I also love those felt doors, I might be copying that idea as well! Thanks for this post! I'm heading there this weekend and can't wait to get started! (sorry for the excessive exclamation point use)


mr man and I share a 312 sq ft apartment with a cat (soon to be 2 cats) and 94832904729038984093 architecture books, models and supplies.

The last apt was 220.


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