Long Weekend, Lovely Projects

Now, I realize that it’s entirely possible that you are going to spend your long weekend eating your way through grilled peaches, attending outdoor concerts and applying sunscreen every three hours. But! What if it rains? Or you’re all socialized out by Saturday night? Or you really kind of want to potter around the house for three days? Then check out these lovely weekend projects! Links to the instructions are embedded in the pictures.
Rattan and wicker furniture seem to be the red-headed
stepchildren of the thrifting scene. And in their natural state they are
a bit Golden Girls, aren’t they? But spray paint them a
bold new color and it’s a whole different ballgame!
I have approximately a gajillion bangles, but none of them
are patterned. You can use left over scraps of
material or even paper to ‘reupholster’ your old cuffs.
How adorable is this book shelf?! I suspect if I did this,
nobody would notice all those Twilight books.
Like a homemade Lite-Brite! Only not tacky. Or from the 80s. Put all those spare buttons to good use with these
adorable dressed up bobby pins. These just cry out to be
matched to a sun dress, don’t them?

I love this quirky little side table. Probably because my mom
had something like this when I was growing up. That’s
how we roll – decorating with tree branches and squirrel tails.

Because I inexplicably want to hang things from my ceiling.
All the time.

Have a great weekend!



How mad! I saw that same photo of the "delight" sign somewhere online and saved it to my computer as I liked it very much. Didn't know if I'd replicate it or just use it as an illustration or what, and now here it is!


The re-painted wicker chair looks fabulous!! That's something I'll have to keep in mind, since we could use some more furniture…thanks for the links!


I was JUST thinking of making bangles like that the other day. How weird!!


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