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When I moved into my adorable little postage stamp of an apartment in May, I decided that I was allowed to fanci-fy it enough to make it livable, but I wasn’t allowed to fully commit to Virgo-level design obsession till October. Because Minnesota only has four or five months of pleasant weather a year, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to use that time arranging (and rearranging) my bookshelves. Let’s save that fun for Fall!But my design diet hasn’t stopped me from compulsively trolling the design blogs and bookmarking anything I think I can incorporate into my space. Wanna see? Links to sources are embedded in the photos.

This totally slays me – a clock in a bathroom!
And it’s a cuckoo clock!
I bet you could mimic this look
and thrifted teapots that you
spray painted to match.
What a great way to cover yucky rental cupboards!
I’ve long been meaning to be one
of those women who buys herself flowers
every week. And I think if I had this
set up I just might!
If you’re a matchy-matchy geek like me,
you might get a kick out of a monochromatic
bookshelf. Or you could just do this and
label the spines of your Shopaholic books with
Dostoevsky titles.
Ahhhh! Tiny pots of stuff!
I love the mix and match aspect of these mantels.
How cute are those framed kid’s drawings?Cheap-o decor! Thrifted frames
spray-painted to match.

Have you seen any great decor ideas lately?



Ya know, I get so intimidated by home design photos. They make me feel DEEPLY inadequate. But now that you've pointed out how easy it would be to do these things on the cheap, I might just change my tune!

Anne Dulian

along with the frame idea, i like the idea of lots of clocks. different sizes and shapes, here and there, in an entryway.

another cheap wall decor idea is paint your own border. paint is leagues cheaper than wallpaper, and you can personalize it with handprints, footprints, stamps, etc.

the neatest idea that i've had in a while is…. to paint a headboard on your wall… with BLACKBOARD PAINT!!!!!! then you can chalk it up!! HAHA!

The Naked Redhead

I have long been wanting to go with a monochromatic book look…love the brown paper on the pics here! I have only stopped myself because when I think of the work involved–the, as you say it, Virgo-level obsession–I just can't fathom what a project like that would mean for me. I think it would mean, "going slowly batty as I nitpick about how crisp the corners are." But loves it!


I recently had a Feng Shui chick come to my equally postage-sized apartment and she told me I had WAY too much stuff decorating my apartment, which left me closed off to new experiences…or something like that…so I think you have the right idea with taking your time.
Tiny potted plants are one of my favorite decorations, but I always end up killing the poor plants!


I need a set of shelves for my famed tea pot collection… but I won't be painting them the same color. It's much more fun to have different colors and patterns!


When I get back home, I plan to organize my room according to feng shui! I'lll just do it pretty casually- nothing serious.

Also, you could try organizing your books by colour. It looks so awesome!


I'm really loving those frames in the last photo! Decorating is so much fun. I'm sure I'll love it even more when I have my own place to do that to, haha.


Oh man, IN LOVE with the framed flowers. It reminds me of this amazing life-like painting I saw in the Louvre of a floral garland. I think I too will be turning into an idea thief!



Ohgoodyness, love the little potted plants next to the tub! πŸ™‚ Little reminders of earth are so nice. πŸ™‚

For decor, I try to be functionally stylish. I love to reuse things. I have a miniature hammock above my bed that I've kept old stuffed animals in. I'd like to give most of the critters away, and store my colorful fleece blanket collection up there. I'll also keep neat bottles or cans and put flowers in them.


i just moved into a postage stamp ! i so needed this post, ms sarah. my last apartment was a comparatively SPACIOUS 500sq ft studio, and now i'm living in a 484 sq ft with walls. it sucks because the big open space is no longer a blank canvas! i could do so much with that studio.

Anyhow, I jacked that idea for the shelves with the teapots…. Like I'm going to IKEA today to pick up Lack shelves (the closest IKEA is 2 hours away!). I have a huge collection of old cameras that will look fantastic displayed like that!


Oh, so the cuckoo clock in the bathroom kills you? Wait'll you hear this:
My in-laws have 43 clocks in their 2-bed ranch house. FORTY THREE. And two in each bathroom, one interesting, one practical. In one is a bathtub with bubbles, and the other is a Pittsburgh Pirates pennant. It sits on the edge of the tub, which is not real conducive to relaxation and forget-all-earthly-cares during bubble baths.
Need I mention that my husband basically runs on Swiss time? This causes problems, as my mother is Brazilian, meaning early means half an hour after the designated hour of arrival…
Oh, and this will knock your socks off: his dad never actually got all the clocks synced – so within ten minutes of the hour, you have all forty-three going, including 2 identical bird-call clocks, 2 cuckoos, and exactly 3 identical Christmas clocks, playing the same carol ever-so-slightly-and-jarringly off kilter. In July.

Not that this really had anything to do with decor, or how lovely your post is… but it's still a good story :]

…Maybe I should have put it in my blog. Oh well…


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