The One Who Changed It All

Can you do this? Trace back the paths your life has taken to one single person who pointed you in this direction? That person who was a turning point?

For me, the person who changed everything was a co-worker. I was 20 and interning at a newspaper, typing up ridiculous social columns and taking pictures of fire-fighting contests. Barb was in her 50s, a hippie from California that had moved into her family’s old cabin in our tiny resort town. We giggled over our granola and yogurt during lunch breaks and I encouraged her to ask out the one male hippie in our town.

Later, Barb hooked me up with an internship at an advertising agency – where I met Sunny, who had lived and modeled in Taiwan, making a small fortune by wearing swimsuits in tacky karaoke videos. Sunny introduced me to her brother who recommended a great English school in Taiwan that I worked at for a year and a half and where I met heaps of amazing people – including Katheryn, who told me about the MA program in Wellington, NZ where I lived for another year and half.

Now I’m back in Minnesota, with one rather diverse resume, a Master’s degree and a full passport, thanks largely to one very funny hippie who just happened to sit next to me on my first day of work.

Who’s the person who changed it all for you?



It's so lovely you can look back! For me, to get to this stage in my life, it was overhearing a girl in my Japanese class talking about some other school she was going to the next year. I was nosey, looked it up on the net and happened to walk my parents past it on an open day. Going to the new school changed my life – I met a bunch of brilliant people, the kid I ended up dating for 4 years and started creating πŸ™‚ Could have been different. Hopefully, career/life wise there will be someone else soon!

Little Red

Amazing post! It definitely sounds like she had a huge impact on your life.

For me, it would have to be a co-worker as well. He wasn't a co-worker for long, but became a very good friend afterwards. It's so weird to think how different things would be if we hadn't met just one person.


must say, a wonderful post, …
the person who changed my life us my boyfriend. but he didn't change my life as a boyfriend, he left an impact as a friend, my best friend..


what a lovely story!!! I would say my husband! If I had not meet him… My life right now will be so different…And I love my life very much!


ooOOOoo I wonder if the person who really changed my life was my asshat of an ex-boyfriend. He cheated on me, dumped me for the other girl and totally broke my heart. In an attempt to get over him, I went backpacking in South America, where I enrolled in a TESOL course on a whim in Quito. There I met a girl who offered me an internship at her organization back home in D.C. Upon returning to the States I moved there, did the internship, and got a second job working (and living) in a hostel for the free rent. There I met my British boyfriend, and we decided that we should move somewhere we could both legally work, and stay together…we're moving into our new apartment (aka the love nest) in Madrid this week!

I guess that idiot ex was good for something after all…


i love that! my short path of life (i'm just 23) can be traced back to an obscure italian perfumer. it's fun to think back that way


For me it was what began with a trip to Japan and later an illness that sort of made it have a purpose.
I had decided to travel to Japan, I had gotten a scholarship to study cultural arts. That and meeting a japanese man opened my eyes to that there was another world. When I eventually came home, I changed my major at university from economics that I had found ultra-boring to liberal arts. With new found self-esteem I attacked the world.

Then, a few years ago I got diagnosed with a serious autoimmune syndrome. It changed my outlook. Would be easier to live without but made my priorities more clear. Now I spend my time with flowers, japanese arts (flower arrangements and paper art), baking and things I enjoy. Life, I discovered, HAD to be more than taking the subway back and forth to work everyday and being miserable. So even if I am ill now, I am no longer as miserable as I could be.


I think this would be grandfather..or my boyfriend…or cousin …or my best friend from school!

Haha all men!

I really need to sit and think about this! Will post about it and definitely link you x


It's hard for me to think of just one person that I can trace things back to. That being said I can trace many important life changing happenings to one time in my life, and the people I met during it were/are so very important in the creation of this lady I am today. When I signed up for that study abroad course in Alnwick I never thought I would say that. Sounds a bit cliched, doesn't it?


My current boyfriend inspired me to chase after what I wanted, even if that means leaving him in the dust to achieve my happiness. He (gently) pressured my into furthering my education and bettering myself. For that, I'm eternally thankful.


wow! How great what one person can do to your life! I would have to think really hard, and I am too tired to do so, but you did leave me thinking…

xoxo anna

Miss Peregrin

To be a little cliche, my boyfriend is the One Who Changed It All. He taught me to respect myself, that I was worth more than just my body, to believe in myself, and how to feel worthy of the good things that happen to me. I'm forever grateful, and while I don't need him around like I used to, I want him around in a way I never thought possible. He's opened up so many doors for me.


Wow, Sarah! What an inspirational and introspective post! I'm going to have to think about this one for a while, but I might post the one person who changed everything for me.

Thanks for sharing!

~ Jen


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