A Reminder

a reminder you

I know you know this. But.Β 

It’s good to remember that you (and I!) are capable of innumerable amazing things.

We can:

Someone's going to do amazing things. It may as well be you. Click To Tweet



i think maybe you are psychic, this is exactly what i needed to hear! i am going to finish my essay right now, at 12:53am, new zealand time. it's late and i've been avoiding it. maybe i am the person that can hand in an essay late and still get a good mark. maybe… just maybe….


Sarah, this list is amazing! Such a great post – thank you! I do try to remind myself of an item or two off a list like this whenever I'm facing a slump or challenge.

Keep it up, lady!

~ Jen


Funny how we need to be reminded of these things…

Thanks a lot – perfect thing to read on a blah Monday afternoon


merci! merci!! for this list. Your blog is very charming, and in fact, I think that once school is out for good and i'm a free woman, I would like to follow your path and try 30 new things too. Very inspirational!

xxxxxbisous, Ekerplay


I love this post! I'm taking my grumpy pants off and putting on my happy pants, thanks for making my day!

Oh, and i'v started on my "32 things" yay!

Eli Squared

Sarah thank you for posting this. I start my last year of college tomorrow, and I've been feeling pretty inadequate lately. This simple list just made me smile and gave me a happy little boost of confidence that I'm going to do great this last year.

Thank you for always having an amazing blog, and such inspirational things to share with us.


this post was so inspirational! Im going to do that, love life(:
Thanks for your message, it feels nice to see that someones reading my blog.

You're in my bookmarks<3


Another one of your fantastic lists! Love it. (PS. I totally want to study Monkeys in Africa. I need something cuter than a Gorilla. Maybe something that doesn't eat peoples faces. Spider monkey maybe?)


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