Web Time Wasters

Because it’s Friday! And, at least here in Minnesota, it’s rainy and cold and a perfect day for wasting on the internetz. Happy clicking!
Have you heard about Puppies Behind Bars? It’s an amazing program that partners felons with a puppy that they train to be a service dog for returning war vets. Ready the kleenex, yo – puppies + triumph of the human spirit = weeping.This is what cookie monster thinks about eating five servings of fruits and veg.

If you’ve got a penchant for graffiti, you probably need this notebook. The pages looks like walls!

I’m living alone at the moment and this graph pretty accurately captures the benefits of that.

A cute DIY that requires only old bottles, masking tape and spray paint.

I love these roughly sweet wood lights.

This man’s name is really, truly John Doe! Apparently, he occasionally runs into trouble at the airport.

Cracked.com always has the best stuff. I love this username translator. Just something to think about before you choose ‘hotgirl 69’ for your next handle.

I love the photos of Tara Donne. Gorgeous colors, daily life.

What awesome links have you stumbled across this week?


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