31 New Things: Go on a Date

Does this really count as a new thing? As a thing that I have never before done? No.Friends, I am a serial monogamist – I’ve spent about 2 years out of the last 13 single. Despite this, I am not so great at the dating. Diving headlong into a long-term relationship? I could win a gold medal in that. Allowing summer flings to develop into a five-year relationship? I am soooo good at that. But going out to dinner a few times with some dude I met at a bar? Fail.I was initially quite nervous about this goal when I put together this list back in May. Where was I going to meet some guy to go on a date with? Should I just take up any and all offers in an attempt to cross this off my list? (Because, seriously? We all know how good it feels to cross something off our lists)

Somewhere towards the end of June, an old friend emailed me. He assured me that he wasn’t trying to engage in a set-up but he knew this great guy and that we would be fast friends – we were both cheese-lovers/vegetarians/readers/travelers/kind with the tiniest hint of snark. I assured Old Friend that I was always up for meeting new people but 120% not getting back on the dating wagon any time soon.

So I met Friend of a Friend (hereafter to be referred to as FOaF) and he was lovely – and maaaaybe just as into cheese as me. We proceeded to do that thing where you hang out all the time, make dinner at each other’s houses, go to shows, talk about all sorts of intimate things, make lots of intense eye contact and offer to pick each other up after trips. I pretended that this wasn’t dating. And I pretended that I also pressed my knees against my girlfriends’ knees under tables.

After an eight-hour ‘non-date’ of hiking and cheese-curd hunting and dinner, I was none too impressed with this dating hiatus I had put myself on. But wait! A loophole! My 31 New Things Date! So the FOaF made plans to meet here, around the corner from my flat and try their ‘artisanal cheese plate.’

I will spare you all the delicious/nauseating/adorable details but I can assure that this date? It was good. And will surely be repeated. Many times.

Tell me about your first dates of note!


Ms Constantine

Yay! I'm really happy for you.
It sounds like your "non dates" with your new "friend" have been going great.

I'm sure we all look forward to hearing more about your foray into dating.


I forgot to add the go for it!

But I hae a technical well, thing.
The link for 22 and 23 have fused into one, which is now dating rather than dating and belly dancing.
Just as 27, 28, 29 and 30. It is now all gun firing class.


hey ms.von!
cheers for that! happy for you and that FOaF of yours! xD xD all the best!… keep us posted


Yay! Technically, you can;t really break a self imposed rule. You just attack it with a little red ink and you're good! Go for it!


omG, i feel like giggling every time i even think of my first date with my bf! We fell in love online (yes, how novelistic is that? And kinda weird, no? :P). Anyway, we knew we existed but we hadn't had a conversation as such, so when we started getting close to each other through our hour long chats on the phone and online, it was a surprise. A year later when I shifted back to my hometown, I went on my first date with him. It wasn't just a first date with him, it was the ONLY date I had been on, period. It was soooo cute, we were so comfortable with each other and yet so nervous. I love remembering it. πŸ™‚
And now i sound like a nostalgic grandmother.

Material Girl

GAH, so cute! I love that whole not-yet-dating-but-totally-secretly-into-each-other thing, and the moment when it becomes dating is so ridiculously delicious. and in your case, literally delicious…mmm, cheese….


so funny how things happen sometimes! i'm a newer reader, and i love it how you put things so simply sometimes. best of luck with the FOaF πŸ™‚


Friends of Friends are always the best people to recommend potential dates. The only people I've ever loved have been ones that friends have sent my way…

Thanks for making me smile.


Yay! That sounds like so much fun! I recently went on a first date with a comedian I had always had a big crush on. It ended up being one of those 16-hour-long dates that ended the next morning. LOVE those dates! We're still hanging out and the chemistry is pretty rocking. Woot!


Dates are so strange to me. I'm not sure if I've ever gone on a date, actually. At least, I never considered it a date, the other person may have…but I digress.

Whoo hoo! Go you! I hope you have fun on future dates (and even on future non-dates).

Elizabeth Bennet

The best date I've been on recently was one where we dressed up, drank wine and ate cheese, and stared intensely into each other's eyes. It was pretty electric and awesome. Didn't last, though. πŸ˜›


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