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I live in a postage stamp of an apartment. Okay, really it’s more of a legal-sized envelope of an apartment but regardless? It’s wee. But one of the best things about my particular tiny space is The Best Closet Ever. Double doors that swing open! Built-in cubby holes! Heaps of shelves and drawers!It’s currently not cute enough to show you, but once the weather turns, there will be painting, and handle-replacing and mirrored trays all full of powder puffs and perfume bottles. To tide me over, I’ve been prowling the internetz searching for closet inspiration. Here are a few of my favorites – links to sources are embedded in the photos.


One of my design dreams is to have a library
of my very own (and you know I’d have my
couple turned an unused walk-in into a
tiny library space
I know that the closet office is now ubiquitous
in certain design circles but I care not!
Yup. Still cute.I like the idea of freeing my jewelry from
its current tangle in an old cool-whip container.
And you know how I feel about wooden hangers!

Oh, that someday my closet would necessitate
a ladder! And would include fresh flowers!

This closet is so impressive I don’t
even care that it only includes red and
pink and gold things that match

I love this method of storing boots!

And shouldn’t every closet include roller skates?What’s the state of your closet?

Any clever organizational tips to share?



Oooh these are brilliant. I love the look of the first one especially. I've found that it's helpful to purge any old or unused items before attempting to organize. It helps to cut down on clutter, especially if you're working with a small space. From there, I divide into categories (scarves, shoes, jewelry, clothes, etc.), then group similar colors and styles together so that I can find things easily. Good luck!


i too live in a tiny apartment. my room doesn't have a built-in robe or space for a proper cupboard.

i use a clothes rack from Ikea, and use those clothes organisers to store folded clothing.

it's way too small for everything. i DREAM of the day i can move out and upgrade to a room with larger clothes storage.

as for tips: i recently figured out that a display box meant to store hardware stuff is best for storing my accessories.

mine has 24 compartments (sufficient to store my rings, necklaces, bangles yay!) and is clear so that i can see my stuff even while it's closed.


My closet is in dire shape. I secretly wish that some clever friend would come over and work his/her magic in there and turn it into something fantastic.

Anne (in Reno)

I TOTALLY have those skates with the pink wheels! They live in their awesome pink trunk though πŸ˜‰

I covet the library closet too but I can't wait to see some pictures of your painted, primped up closet! Adorable! It makes me want to paint my closet too! I wish it was a walk-in… Ikea is a great deal for wood hangers if there is one nearby (not so great if you have to pay shipping though) and I found an awesome shoe rack at Target. So good luck and post pictures!


I have left the stamp sized apartments (thank god!). I love the library closet, my own closets are less organised. They're used after the principle that what is buried is not seen. If you listen carefully you will hear things growling in there.

I go through them occasionaly though. Me and ebay are good friends.


Love the closet inspirations, especially the one with the hanging jewelry. I'm in a decent sized apartment with a tiny closet and I've been putting off re-organizing my closet for fall.


Ooh, I really really like the library closet! Our storing spaces are shamelessly small, so I believe in Ikea organization, where everything is foldable and light (with our next move on my mind…). I'm the last person to give organization tips, but I really like the idea of hanging your jewelery somewhere visible, since it is pretty to look at even when you're not wearing it..


I hang all my necklace on a bulletin board with push pins. It's cheap, works great and you can see everything. I never have a tangle!!

I also hang my clothes in color groups so it makes for easy outfit-making and quick mornings, which is good for me since I don't do mornings very well!!


I hang up my necklaces- works so much better then storing them in a box. I also suggest investing in a bracelet storage thing- you can get them at Michaels.

I also love the library. I tell people if I was rich I would have a library full of books and big comfy chairs. Ummm-hmmm


I can only dream! My closet is probably as tiny (in relation) as your apartment! I am managing with hanging my clothes, but there is NO room to hang anything else on the walls. I have over-the-door shoe storage, plus shoe boxes stacked neatly on the shelf (I need a cute shoe cubby like that closet!). If I had a walk-in, you bet it would be as cute as some of these!

Good luck organizing yours!

~ Jen


Haha, I come from a mom obsessed with clothing rotation, & I must say it is pretty tiresome! She shares a stand-in closet, a chest of drawers & a sweater trunk with my father, & he is ready to tear his hear out!

I am still a college kid, but I definitely stole my parent's sweater trunk idea. I use the trunk I used years ago in summer camp, & roll it under my bed. I have my sweaters pretty well in my head, & I just rotate the summer/winter sweaters according to the season & separate them with a towel.

I, too hang my jewelry- [ ]. I call it instant art & group other pretties next to my earrings… by this point that hanger is jammed full! I also stick tacks in the wall & dangle my necklaces off it, absolutely better than a tangle.

I keep my other jewelry in these- [ ] each different kind of thing (rings, bracelets, pins, etc) goes in a different box, & then all the boxes get stacked inside the big box on my dresser. True, I spread the boxes out all over the bed every morning, but cleanup is fairly simple & it keeps the jewelry somewhat less spread out than it could be. Plus it makes moving super-easy.

Sorry this has gone on for so long… I definitely love all of these photos! Hooray for closet aspirations!


sarah i'm just about to sign a elase on the smallest apartment i've ever seen. on top of that it's the first time living completely by myself (i've been living with my boyfriend but we decided to try this separate living thing and see how it works!). I would appreciate any little tips you could put up as you fix up your apartment as i'll be doing exactly the same! can't wait to see photos inside your flat!


You've got me into a frenzy…I'm wondering if I rather turn my closet into a library, too?
But then where will all my clothes go. :/
But what a cool idea this is!
How do i figure out what I love more? Clothes, or books?! Hmmm….

Nikki Antoinette

Drool at the little library nook!

My live-in boyfriend and I recently parted ways, and I'm now living out of my mom's miniscule linen closet. Needless to say, it's not working… I'm in desperate need of a redesign! If I find anything juicy, I'll be sure to send it your way.


God, I want a library too! I have it all planned out in my head. I want a window seat, too, full of cushions and blankets where I can read next to the rain. It's gonna be my little piece of heaven! πŸ˜‰


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