15 Interesting Things To Do This Autumn

Looking for things to do this Autumn? Look no further! This fun list of fall activities will fill up your calendar with tons of great ideas!  #fallfun #autumnactivities #fallbucketlist
Yes, yes, tis the season to drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte and talk about how it’s officially Sweater Weather. Let’s use this season as an excuse to try new things and have tiny adventures!

1. Relive your school days with a community ed class or by signing up for one of an online class.
Food photography! Knitting! Screenwriting!

2. Make piles of leaves
Jump in them. Hide in them and then jump out when people walk by.

3. Add layers to your favorite summer outfits before packing them away
You can do so much with leggings, scarves, camisoles, blazers! Here’s a whole Pinterest board devoted to transitioning your outfits!

4. Thrift and felt an old wool sweater
Make it into a hat! mittens! arm warmers!

5. Write a letter to a teacher who changed your life
And then actually mail it. I’ve done this several times and it’s ALWAYS lovely.

6. Cook with seasonal produce
Maybe some sweet potato soup? Or apple butter? Or squash risotto?

7. Revamp your office space
Maybe an inspiration board? Some cool posters? How about these cute paper clips? Or this cute stapler?

8. Go apple picking
Yes,  it’s cliche BUT IT IS ALSO AWESOME. Or pumpkin picking. Or help a CSA with its seasonal clean up.

9. Go on a hay ride
Roll around in the hay, get straw in your hair, kiss your person and make inappropriate jokes about ‘taking a roll in the hay’

10. Send a box of leaves to someone who lives down south – or in another hemisphere
I remember nearly weeping with happiness when I got to smell autumn leaves while living in Taiwan.

11. Volunteer with school kids
Or better yet, become a big sister/big brother.

12. Consider an alternative to pumpkin carving
Painting? Or etching? Or making them look like they’re puking on your steps?

13. Tuck pretty leaves between the pages of your favorite books
to be found in depths of dreary March when you would give anything for 50-degree weather

14. Engage in a mini-redecoration of your living room
Maybe a nice textured throw for snuggling, some velvety pillows, switch out a few of your framed prints for something moodier and a bit darker.

15. Prepare your pet’s Halloween costume
No, really. Do it. Rasputin has a much-beloved (by me) bee costume that he can usually be cajoled into!

What fun things are you up to this fall? What are your favorite September/October activities?

P.S. How to Hygge (or 29 ways to actually enjoy winter)

photo by Autumn Mott // cc



A friend sent me leaves when we were in China…it was such a friendly, welcoming thing to find in a box!

My favorite parts of Fall (besides the wardrobe changes) are going to the apple orchard and decorating the house with little pumpkins and leaves. Bring on Fall!


I'm combining apple picking, pumpkin picking and the hay ride into an awesome Saturday with Jordan next weekend. I can't wait! Also…hard apple cider. Yum.


LOVE your ideas! Maybe I'll send some leaves to my brother in Iraq? It's still 100+ degrees there. I like the leaf bookmark idea, too! I love leaves. The hay ride sounds like a good time–don't forget the corn mazes!


where do you live?!
i'm in hawaii right now at school and my brother and mom went apple picking this weekend… and then made apple crisp! i'm so so sad that i'm not at home!!! i really hope someone sends me some leaves!
and also i was thinking of you this morning, my french teacher reminds me of you.

Elizabeth Bennet

"Cook with seasonal produce – maybe some sweet potato soup? Or apple butter? Or squash risotto?"

It's spring here so I've been eating asparagus and broad beans by the bucketload. Tonight it's pasta, broad beans, bacon and ricotta. Yum!


YES! Let's do all the things!

(I just got back from visiting friends in Okinawa last night. They are so getting a box of leaves in a few weeks.)


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