How Autumn Feels

I know I waxed a bit romantic about Summer – the wet swimsuits, the popsicles, the dirt roads. But honestly? My heart belongs to Autumn. For some reason, when the leaves turn and school buses reappear on the roads, anything seems possible. I want to make lists (more than usual) and make more plans to conquer the world.

Autumn is for cracking the bindings on new books and putting those long yellow pencils to empty page after empty page. That cute new kid in English class. Wandering into the house after a day spent kicking through leaves and sticks, pink-cheeked, the sun tilting golden through the windows at 5 pm.

Pulling your winter clothes out of storage and packing away your bikini – all bleached-out and pilly after a summer spent sitting on the cement at the local pool. Thick tights whose diamond pattern never seems to line up right and instead winds its way around your thighs.

Spending hours thinking about what you’ll wear on the first day of school. But trying to look like you didn’t spend hours thinking about it. Huge pots of soups stirred in darkening kitchens. Big wool socks made for padding around the house, always sliding down your calves.

Mugs full of hot, delicious things clutched in cold morning hands. Shifting from foot to foot in an attempt to stay warm while waiting for mom/the bus/the carpool.

Blue skies that seem to stretch on forever.

How does Autumn feel to you?




Your visions of Autumn are so romantic. Autumn always excites me because, here in Australia, my birthday falls in the season.
Bisous xx


After a wonderful summer of biking, vacation, and my newly found enjoyment of running, I was a bit perturbed when on the first day of Autumn the temperature here was 48 degrees in the morning. It was about 40 degrees this morning when I left my house at 5:15 for a run, but I really didn't mind at all. Also, I do like all of the things you mentioned, especially making soup. My wife thinks it's an abomination to make a pot of soup before October 1.

Oh, Autumn, you know I can't stay mad at you. Let's go snuggle on the couch, drinking bourbon and watch football. πŸ™‚


I love how poetic your take on autumn is, unfortunately I've never experienced the seasons because I live in tropical Asia, where there are only two seasons – wet and dry.

This post is absolutely dreamy! πŸ™‚

Sarah Von Bargen

Gene – I totally agree with your wife! I've been wanting to make spicy sweet potato soup for ages now, but I'm trying to hold out till October πŸ™‚

Bohochick – I know! When I lived in Taiwan I really, really missed the Fall.


what a great post Sarah. Beautiful images and great memories, I sat here reading that list and my smile just got wider and wider as I read down and remembered all those great things about autumn. Thanks.

Lilian Moreira Ρϊз

I love, love, love Fall! Specially because in Brazil there's not such feeling, not colors changing, etc. I love everything you have mentioned, and I would add tea!! I drink so much tea during the cold months! πŸ™‚


This is lovely. Mmm heheh. So, it totally inspired me to knit some of those super thick socks for myself, and maybe for my husband to wear around the house if he is good.

Where I grew up, we don't have much of a fall, so honestly, real fall feels strange to me. I'm getting used to it, but it gives me butterflies. Summer is my main time of the year when I'm in full force, etc. Fall makes me feel a little bit lonely … Yes, I definitely need to knit giant socks.


Yes and YES! You've captured autumn perfectly. I miss the north's version of this particular season most of all – Texas just can't compare. Thanks for bringing a bit of it back to me. <3

Nikki Antoinette

I look forward to the cold weather all summer long, I can't wait to spend my evenings curled up between the sheets with a good book and a nice steaming cup of some new exotic tea blend =]

(It was very disheartening that our first day of autumn was 90-some degrees…)


Oh that sounds beautiful. You've highlighted some of my favorite things about Autumn. I love autumn, even on those cold, dreary days. I can't wait to enjoy all that Autumn has to offer.


What a lovely post. I always get nostalgic and extra creative this time year and Halloween is easily my favorite holiday. I'm really liking your blog!


aw, my toes went all curled up reading this.
autumn is awesome, i can't wait to wear layers and my brown boots and tramp around town kicking through piles of leaves.
Love that last photo especially πŸ™‚


Best Autumn post =)

I wish it'd turn to autumn here already, it's still 98 degrees here in central California. I'd absolutely love some turning leaves (and not because it has dried out from the scorching heat!), hot cups of tea, the smell of rain and the crisp air at night. Curling up on the couch in a big cardi with a good book. Watching daytime TV with the cat on my lap. Aw.

Happy autumn =)


That's funny I just finished my post about autumn! I actually really look forward to it! I love the change of the seasons here in the Netherlands!

How autumn feels to me you can read tomorrow on my blog πŸ˜‰

Eli Squared

Your descriptions of autumn are gorgeous! It must be wonderful to live somewhere with distinct seasons.

Autumn for me is rain and heat. Florida has perpetual summer, just with odd spurts of cool weather. But there are advantages to having a warm autumn. We can going swimming pretty much all the time, so that's nice. But sometimes I wish I could see the leaves change.


I always dread the end of summer because I love the warmth, but Autumn is such a beautiful season and your descriptions have got me looking forward to it.


I so so so love fall. I haven't been in school in quite a while yet always insist on buying new supplies in September. Knee socks and scarves and mittens but no bulky coats. I love love love it.


I love Autumn, its my favorite time to go outside and wander around the trails at my local parks. When I'm faced with a big decision, I take a hike by myself to clear my head. Its a type of zen for me.


I concur. Fall is my ultimate favourite season. I haven't felt that new crisp feeling in such a long time!


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