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I’m taking today and tomorrow off of work to catch up with an old friend who’s in town from Oz, get a questionable haircut, eat cherries and pick the brains of other writers over many cups of coffee. You probably deserve a break from work too, right? Peruse these yummy links!

What rock have I been living under that I didn’t know about Alexa Chung? I love her accessible, mishmash style.

How gorgeous are these Indian bangles?

In the event that you want to get be a belated birthday present, I’ll take a copy of Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing, please.

Let’s take a moment to remember how awesome Charm Attack was, circa 1999. Totally listened to this song while laying on the grass outside of my dorm.

How To Change Your Life For the Better – like changing your hair dresser, changing the song that’s stuck in your head and changing your cell phone provider. Genius!

Lush fake furs, interesting belts, big scarves – I am going to copy every last one of these looks.

A mariachi/Spanish cover of Bitter Sweet Symphony!

The 6 Strangest Coming of Age Rituals Around the World – gloves filled with biting ants, drinking blood and bungee jumping with vines? And I thought working at Dairy Queen was bad!

Have you guys heard Lily Allen’s 22? It’s a good bit of depressing and clever social commentary in a catchy, poppy package. Which, coincidentally, is just how I like my social commentary!

That guy who yelled “You lie” at the president? He doesn’t have anything on the parliments of Taiwan, South Korea, Ukraine, Australia and Britian. I was actually living in Taiwan when politician had the bill she sponsored ripped out of her hand and stuffed in her mouth!

Do you remember the hilarious/bizarre/fictional case of Dudley’s Heinsbergen Syndrome in The Royal Tanenbaums? Well, there’s a woman in Scotland who actually ‘sees’ time!

Two decor ideas worth stealing – a wreath made of mismatched silverware and decorating your walls with old sheet music.

In the event that you’re intimidated by the commitment of a real tattoo, why not get a full-body sun tattoo?

Insane prison inventions and weapons. It’s not just shanks made from melted toothbrushes anymore!

Have you seen this great, pro-GLBT Lee’s ad?

Okay, okay this Super Mario manicure is sliiiightly more awesomely ridiculous than mine.

David Lynch isn’t just that guy who makes all those creepy movies – He’s also the head of The Interview Project. It’s a great collection of online videos in which people from all over the country talk about their childhood dreams, lifelong loves, heartbreaks and hopes for the future.

What links are you loving this week?



I love all these!
That tattoo is insane/hiseous/slightly looks like a skin disease though. Poor girl.

I actually saw Alexa Chung in a pub a few weeks ago! I was a bit unimpressed to be honest, she didn't look her usual spunky self. (I love how the magazine is all about her wearing H&M and then everything she has on costs about £500).


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