31 New Things: Attend The Zombie Pubcrawl

What would you say if I told you that I believe that not all holidays are created equal? Sure, I can appreciate the giving and the snow and the excessive food that accompany Christmas. And I do love being pelted with candy during at any given Fourth of July Parade. But, come now. We all know that both of those holidays are the ugly stepsisters to the hottie that is Halloween. Costumes! Candy! Weird scary stuff!My cohorts and I are so deeply into Halloween that we felt we needed to start with the scaring somewhere around October 10th. (Really I think that wearing a weird costume at any point during October should be acceptable, don’t you?) So we joyfully joined in Minneapolis’s fifth annual zombie pub crawl. Because drinking is always more fun when you do it with strangers who appear to have rotting flesh.

A bit of photo documentation from Yes and Yes’s resident photographer, you say?


Don’t we look like an early 90’s album cover? The BFF was a zombie brain surgeoun, Jill was a zombie witch, Mo was your average Asian horror movie zombie and I was a Dia de los Meurtos zombie (and yes, I realize that’s not actually a thing. I mostly just wanted big hair with a flower)

Holy yes. Fake blood all over the windows of the bar. The zombies outside kept tackling the innocent passers-by.

Is this a real zombie? I’m not sure. At one point in the night, I stood next to a girl dressed in a bloody lace prom dress who spent fifteen minutes staring into the middle distance and gnawing on what appeared to be a real bone. Stoned or hungry for brains? You be the judge.

As the un-dead designated driver, I spent the majority of the night drinking diet cokes, dancing to Thriller approximately a million times, trying to speak zombie Spanish and being concerned my nose makeup was rubbing off. We also played host to a rubber dismembered arm that we used to elicit high fives from fellow zombies. And from completely weirded out and overwhelmed people who happened to be in that part of town.

Mario and Luigi zombies! Awesome, no? We also saw the entire zombified cast of The Wizard of Oz, multiple Michael Jacksons, a Julia child and a (fake) pregnant zombie that had baby doll legs sticking out of her stomach. Oh my.

We ended the evening with a delicous serving of brains. And by ‘brains’ I mean ‘delivery pizza’
Does your city have a zombie pub crawl? Are you into this whole zombie thing?


That Kind of Girl

You guys look amazing! Man, I'm totally going to find a zombie pub crawl and do this next year! And maybe carry around a little package of "brains" (or, y'know, mashed raspberries) to subtly float in my cocktails…

Anne (in Reno)

You look great! So are you going to be the same thing tomorrow night or something different? There's a Zombie Pub Crawl in Reno, but since there's also a Santa Pub Crawl and an Easter Bunny Pub Crawl I'm kind of Crawl-ed out.


That looks and sounds like a fabulous evening. And while I'm not sure if Portland OR has a zombie pub crawl, we did have a zombie parade last weekend, culminating in the thriller dance. I, unfortunately, missed it because I was working but then got to sell books to zombies who came by for a little commerce after they'd sated themselves on brains. It was a great American moment!


This looks amazing!
Halloween's never really a big thing over here :/ Which sucks, because I really want to go out in a costume!


Your costumes are great! apparently there is a Zombie pub crawl in where I live, as I also live in Reno. I may have to look into that…
I am teaching first grade and a boy in my class came to Jamboree (the school festival/night the kids can wear costumes) as a zombie ninja. It was pretty awesome.


Zombie pub crawl?!? How have I never heard of this??? I love zombies! I love pub crawl! They seem perfect together!


dayum those are scary looking costumes! the scariest for me is the zombie brain surgeon. good job on the costumes!

halloween is also my favorite holiday but i'm spending mine in a plane… flying home from a family vacation!



love your costume and that looks like the most fun ever. sadly, there are no zombies in rural idaho. unless you count the militia men.


crazy! ive been reading your blog since agent lover linked you and i didnt realize til now that you live in minnesota! awesome! i do too. ive never been to zombie pub crawl before but its one of my goals this year! see you around maybe!


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