31 New Things: Go To A Cat Show

My initial purpose for attending the Twin Cities Cat Fanciers’ Annual Cat Show was 80% sociological experiment, 10% love for cats (my cat Putin does have his own jet after all) and 10% quest to see a sphynx cat in real life so I could tell it that it looked like a hand.Okay, and I really like Best In Show and I was hoping I’d see some sort of meltdown over a bumblebee squeaker toy. And by and large? The cat show didn’t disappoint. There were lots of ladies wearing cat sweatshirts, all sort of crazy breeds (including my new favorite, the Scottish fold), every cat-related product you could ever imagine and a million kittens for sale for approximately a million dollars a piece. But let’s let the pictures do the talking!

Are you jealous of my cat stroller?
There is actually a woman in my neighborhood

who uses one of these. Her cats always
look rather surprised to find themselves
being rolled through the streets of St. Paul.

In the event that you were unsure how cats are shown,

as they can’t really trot around in a circle on a leash,
this is how they do it.
1) Pull cat out of show-ring cage
2) Try to talk about cat’s marking and breed while cat
squirms and, if we’re lucky, hisses
3) Pat the angry cat’s head while it glares hatefully
4) Spray down showing platform while bantering with the audience,
making cat-related puns and telling cat-show inside jokes
5) Repeat

Um, what? Cat bibs. Yes. All the long-haired cats

seemed to be wearing these. Probably so that
they wouldn’t get barbecue sauce all down their
shirts when they were eating ribs.

Why, yes, that is a gold sparkly, black lace

holding pen for a Persian cat! But, you know how Persians are,
always need sparkles on the everything.

See!? Cat bib! And this dude really seems to

like his. I probably should have bought one for my cat,
based on this guy’s endorsement.
However, I must warn you. If you go to a cat show hoping that there’s a talent portion in which a pair of cat ladies sings a feline-friendly rendition of God Loves a Terrier, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Maybe they’re saving that for Nationals.Have you even been to a cat or dog show? Would you go to one?


Sarah Von Bargen

Evie – thanks for de-lurking! And you've changed my life with that Maru video! The part where he dives into the boxes and then his little white stick out!? Almost peed my pants a little.

Miss Peregrin

Hahaha, those cat bibs are the best. Although, I think my cats might kill me if I try to put bibs on them. Or walk them in that stroller (as cool as I think that would make me).

Looks like a pretty fun day actually. I wonder if there are any cat shows happening near me…


ermm…. I am probably the most cat allergic person alive today. I`d get sick, sneeze for hours after and ultimately stop breathing completely just by being in the same house as a cat. Lame, I know! I love dogs though… forgive me?

Ms Constantine

O no that last kitty looks so mad! You however look fabulous. And the Scottish fold kitty looks like a walrus (lolrus?).

Evie thank you so much for mentioning Maru! He's so cute with his fat little face. And so strange.

Amelia M

Oh gosh, this was hilarious! And as a cat lover myself I would definitely go, for both the love of felines and the hilarity of the situation!


My grandmother used to show Siamese cats. I spent a lot of time as a kid at the shows and they are pretty unique events.

My sister and I used to clean out the showring pens between each judging. We thought we were making major dough – $10 a day to clean up cat pee.

Didn't take much!


cat bib, yes. once melissa made 'crinn' neckerchiefs for izzy and for our cats. with little rock and roll band patches on them. our cats weren't as mad about wearing them as you'd imagine.


I am so jealous I don't think I convey it over the interwebz! Cat shows always look amazingly weird and wonderful.
Next door has a big fat ginger scottish fold who is just so adorable. I'll see if I can airmail him to you? πŸ˜‰

I now want a cat bib.


This post requires me to tell a story.
I was 8 and I wanted a rabbit. As with anything in my life, I became obsessed (my mother didn't help).
I started showing rabbits.
You laugh. I know. But, I love animals. Love love love animals. Rabbits were small enough that it was easy to actually start showing them. Then it consumed my life.
You might not think that a child could do well in anything that requires responsibility, but I was dedicated. I would have the best rabbits and I would know the most about rabbits. It was my goal!
I started studying genetics in fourth grade and I absorbed ever article and scientific journal available.
By age 11, I was the Washington State rabbit Princess and went on to nationals to do very well.
After reaching the summit in two years, I slowly started selling my rabbits. $200.00 a pop was a lot for a kid.
I stepped away from the animal showing arena, but I would love to start again with my poodle.
Don't laugh.
You have no idea how competitive those showing rings are! It is like there is a fever!
Stay away or they will get you!


sar, in milwaukee i've met the best cat. she is tiny and black with short fur. she is 4, named morticia and acts like a kitten. she will push her face into your hand for petting and slept in a tiny pile on my chest for most of the night. i might steal her. putin and bilbo would lub,lub,lub her!


Turkleton and I went to that very same cat show about six years ago, and bought matching braided-rug-style cat beds for our cats Pinko and Gordon. I loved the people watching so much I was tempted to call it "the people show".

DJ TrashTalk

haha too funny! I have never been to a dog or cat show, but I can imagine watching the owners and officials and such is the best part. It seems like pretty serious business.


I really want to see one of those cat-bibs in person. I mean, I know you took pictures, but I can't believe they're real.

P.S. My verification word is "tatocat." Coincidence? I think not.


I need to find a cat show ASAP. Freakin' Montana is crazy enough to house the unibomber and the freemen, but no cat shows. We're failing.

Delilah + Jack

My Boyfriend once took me to a catshow as a surprise! I was awed by (a) how cute that was and (b) really? a cat show??? Heh heh…. I fell in love with the Maine Coon Cat which is gigantic!!!!!

Were the ppl really anal about you touching the cats??

The Sequin Cat

I've been to a cat show and a rabbit show… I'm going to be the crazy woman all alone at the end of her long life. But you know what? I think I'm ok with that.


ok, I must admit, I too worked a cat show once upon a time. Cleaning out the show cages, it was awesome! and i'm not being sarcastic.

And as a 31 year old adult, i own a stroller for my cats almost identical to the one shown. hahahah, blush, blush. BUT, i prefer to think of it as a carrier with wheels (and cup holders). My eldest cat (who is almost 17)loves it the most of my three and can't get enough of it.
My husband and I find almost everyone we pass thinks its fun except for parents with young babies who shoot us dirty looks for mocking their club.


I show Maine Coon cats. The cat bibs are mainly for the persians, so that they can eat with out messing up their fur before they go into the judging rings. πŸ™‚


I LOVE Scottish Folds. And this cat show sounds insane. I totally want to go to one. Though I'm a dog person at heart.


I stumbled across a cat show in a little town i was visiting one weekend.. it was amazing.. But i couldn't help but feel sorry for them..
The Scottish fold, Maine Coon and the Assyrian cat (beautiful rusty red and brown colors, sleek shape) are my favorites!!! I will never forget it!!


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