31 New Things: Take Part in a Giant Group Dance

On my list of Things That Give Me Faith In Humanity, nestled between items 1. (‘Guerrilla Gardening‘) and 3. (‘Golden Girls‘) is ‘Giant Group Dances.’ And since MJ was my birthday buddy (August 29th, represent!) I felt that taking part in Thrill the World would be the perfect excuse to cross something off my 31 New Things list, wear some zombie makeup and honor a fallen hero.Now, I dabbled in The Dance in high school (okay, I wore a sequined bun-cover and high kicked my way around the infield) so I was very snottily convinced that I? I didn’t need learn the dance ahead of time! Why practice when my evenings are so much better spent canoodling or drinking wine or plotting world domination?

Friends. Learn from my mistake. Do not attempt to learn a five minute dance routine, usually performed by a master, in the span of a Saturday morning. This will result pulled groin muscles and talking in dance terms for the rest of the week (“Blade hands! Jazz hands! Oneandtwo!”)

As per the usual, I was determined to Kick Ass, and this naturally meant practicing from 9 am to 2 pm and then performing in my red leather jacket with a sparkly glove. My lovely friends Colleen and Jen were kind enough to join me and rocked some awesome, awesome zombie-wear.


Don’t they look great?! Don’t I look weird?

That is some serious sparkle glove.
The entire section on the left was composed of kids –
so cute!

If you look carefully, you can see me in a red leather jacket and jeans in the third row, doing my best zombie boogie. Had I been properly prepared, I would have braved the front lines, but my lesson has been learned: Michael Jackson choreography is not to be taken lightly!
Would you ever take part in a giant group dance? Did you do Thrill the World?


Ms Constantine

Were you in Welly when the Real Hot Bitches did their record attempt to Shot Through The Heart? It was at the Cuba St Carnival.

I totes danced my heart out, and I've still got the print out with the dance moves!

Sarah Von Bargen

Ms Constantine – I'm not sure that I was! I really wanted to the a 'Real Hot Bitch' (I mean part of the dance troupe, because I *totally am* in real life (cough)) and even attended practices a few times, but two jobs and school got the best of me. :/


Hah! That's so neat! Why did this group dance thing take place? It wasn't spontaneous was it (kind of like in that 13 going on 30 movie)?

I don't think I've ever done a group dance thing outside of the Macarena or the Electric Slide, and I only did those at weddings.

I watched my friends do the Walk the Llama-Llama dance at a birthday party once. I didn't know the dance so I couldn't partake. (it's from the Emperor's New Groove. Pretty cute) I think we were 16 at the time, so it was even more amusing.


Haha Sarah this is awesome! When the MJ movie came out, my once-a-week cardio dance class has been doing only MJ moves. I totally learned the same lesson as you "MJ choreography is not to be taken lightly" when I felt like an 80 year old the next day thanks to the sweet thriller moves I was trying to perfect!

Sarah Von Bargen

Julia, I'm not sure if there was an after party! I was so exhausted from all that practice I crashed out immediately following the dance. But my friends went out in their zombie gear and kareoked all over Minneapolis without me!


To loosen up for our high school play practices/performances this fall, we learned and danced to the Thriller dance. We all (mostly) do it well and can strike it up on cue. We're still not sure how Shakespeare and Thriller go together, but it was great πŸ™‚


This is fabulous!
Put the biggest smile on my face.. you guys all did an amazing job πŸ™‚
I had never heard of "Thrill The World" before… but I do live in a small remote town in Western Australia.

If you don't mind I will be posting about this video now on my blog. Well done!


I've done fast dance stuff on public squares. You get a text message that tells you to show up at this place at this time. You learn simple choreography, then at given signal, say at central station, you dance together for like 90 secs, then you disperse. Very cool


i would definitely take part of something like that! i enjoy dancing and this looks like a lot of fun πŸ™‚



thanks for making us famous! colleen and i had a blast participating in this event and really hope you'll do it again with us next year….hopefully we'll get more practice and more people! what a great time!!


You are awesome, I want to be your friend πŸ™‚ and your blog makes me want to do crazy things and say yes more often!


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