The House* of Yes

*And by “house” I mean “shoe-box sized apartment.”Would you guys like to take a peek at the three square feet that I call home? These photos are just of my bedroom and bathroom – the rest of the flat is not yet sufficiently cute to share with you. But when it is? Watch out! Photos, as always, by Yes and Yes’s resident photographer, Jill.

Shockingly enough, Putin would rather lie on the bed than hang out in his jet.
I bought this bedspread at a market in Sapa, Vietnam. When the woman told me the price ($12 US) my mouth maaaay have actually fallen open. And that was the hugely inflated, just-because-you’re-a-tourist price! It was handmade by the hill tribe Hmong who live in the surrounding mountains. They literally grow the indigo and other plants needed to hand dye these and then hand stitch approximately a million tiny squares all over it. I used the blanket on the overnight train back into Hanoi, and then mailed it home – which, coincidentally, cost more than $12.
I bought that sweet little chain of elephants in Yingge, Taiwan, a little tourist town filled to bursting with pottery shops and good cafes.
All of these frames are thrifted, though I took the the photos myself on my trips through Asia. The big orange picture is a rather intrepid soul holding a flare at a crazy fireworks festival I went to. Said festival mostly consists of wearing rain gear and helmets and getting fireworks shot directly at you. Yes, really! The shoes are those crazy golden lotus, bound foot shoes and the little green thing is a tiny jade tiger I bought from a sidewalk vendor for entirely too much money (read: $11.) He told me it was an antique but I’m 99% sure he just rubbed it in the dirt.My bathroom is the size of a matchbook with no storage, so I thrifted and painted this wee shelf and use the brown decorative box to store my make up, bits and bobbins. The shower curtain comes via and I thrifted the frame, undeterred by it’s total lack of glass.

I have a strange affinity for religious iconography, despite being pretty agnostic. The gold and black bobbin next to the plant actually contains anointing oil – I bought it in Paros, Greece. And the nightlight? Good ol Spencer’s Gifts.

Have you got any photos of your space to share?
Where do you find things to furnish your space?



Look how clever you are! Of course, I wouldn't expect anything less from our favorite world traveller- not to many possessions, but damn stylish.

Had a question as I was reading, but now I forget it. Oh well.

Good morning!


Too cute! And I have those same elephant chains hanging in my college room, bought them in India. And here I always thought I was weird for collecting religious stuff when I'm definitely not catholic… Thanks for making me feel not-alone πŸ˜€
By the way, I'm the girl that once emailed you about going to India for a month.. and I did, and it was too incredible for words! Thank you for the great advice you gave back then!

The Naked Redhead

My place is finally done, though I haven't posted pictures yet. I get a TON of stuff from CB2's online sales. Their stuff is always good quality and usually crazy inexpensive (hello, down filled pillow for $11??). Your tree on your shower curtain looks like my tree decal that I got from Dali Decals. Decals may be my new favorite accessory, besides books and clocks.

Great job!


the night light was really cool!! Otherwise I have somewhat of an issue with people that hang catholic crucifixes, pics of the lady of grace and then to find that they're atheist. I'm sorry; but I AM catholic and iconography is more than something you hang on your wall.

Anyway, I have a collection of inherited furniture, ikea stuff and more stuff. When I carried down a big table off my grandparents attic and said I'll take this, my grandmother thought I was joking. It was just old… and it had a marble top. Sooo inconvenient. Well but I'm having it.


My roommate has almost the exact same elephants hanging from her lamp! Except she didn't get them in Taiwan. You have a cute-looking home!


Sar, you forgot to mention that you also have a) crazy awesome water pressure and b) THE HOTTEST HOT WATER KNOWN TO MAN. i.e. the recipe for a perfect shower.


Aah, your apartment is amazing, love absolutely everything. Cannot wait to have a permanent place of my own to decorate properly, unfortunately my current lifestyle which involves moving approximately every 6 months doesn't really accommodate this dream!



Good water pressure is essential. I would love to see more photos, I think your place is cuter than anything in a design magazine because it speaks to you every day! I think people should only own and decorate with things they love!


I love how you combine trinkets from your travels with thrifting. Ingenious! I especially love your shower curtain (99% of my home is furnished by Target!) though!


I LOVE the bathroom, very cool!

We have the same elephant thingy, my in laws brought it back for my daughters from India I think, although, disappointingly, I've seen them in a shop in Auckland since then!


Have you read Life of Pi by Yann Martel? If you're agnostic I think you'd like it. It's fiction but you can read quite a lot into it.


House of yes is one of my favorite movies of all time. My apartment is small as well. (300sq ft) and I share it was an architecture student and two cats so there is TOO MUCH STUFF I can't take pics of it without being embarrassed. πŸ™


I'm moving out of my parents house this coming summer (eek!), but all i have collected so far are things like dishes and cutlery. I LOVE your bathroom though. It's gotta be the chicest bathroom i've ever seen haha


Fabulous apartment!

My goal in life is to travel around the world and fill my home with goodies I've collected along my adventures.


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