See-ling? Ceiling!

Have I told you before that I’m oddly obsessed with hanging things from the ceiling? Well, now you know. The secret’s out. I’m a hanger. It’s such an under utilized space, don’t you think? And what a fun way to fanci-fy a space. Let’s steal some of these ideas! As always, links to sources embedded in the photos.


An old map on the ceiling! What fun!

Wouldn’t you love to lay on your back and imagine
trips to foreign lands? Me, too.

I would do this in a heartbeat! If I lived someplace

with high ceilings. That was bigger than a breadbox.

I’m sure the designer probably imagined using these

planes in a little boy’s room but I’d live them in my office.
Like, today.

Wouldn’t this be lovely for a wedding or a shower?

I love how this is feminine and subtle but still sliiiightly off
and messy. Yum!

This is being added to my list of “Party Ideas That
I Can Use If I Ever Become Independantly Wealthy.”


Yes! Birds photocopied out of a guidebook and decoupaged

to the ceiling. So.damn.clever.Would you ever do anything crazy to your ceiling?

Are you hanging anything from yours at the moment?




For Christmas, I'm hanging glittery snowflakes and round ornaments on fishing line from the ceiling in a corner of my living room!


Hahaha this reminds me of how I used to stick posters of my favourite boy bands to the ceiling when I was about 11 or 12 so I could stare at them when I was in bed… Just me then?! But seriously, I love this idea, the birds one is a particular favourite.



In my boyfriend's old house he hung branches from the ceiling, and then attached strings of leaves from the branches. It was like sitting under a tree, but with comfy cushions and without the spiders.

PS – LOVE your 31 things to do before 31 list!


haha! i love this! i am totally the same way with hanging things from my ceiling! I have a few birds in one corner and (non-functioning except for being beautiful) chandeliers, as well.


I adore the map! I have big map dreams for a certain room in our house. It's begun, but isn't done yet.

Currently we only have glow in the dark stars on our ceiling. πŸ™‚


I have always wanted to get rid of my dresser by taking out the drawers and hanging them from the ceiling and using them that way. Not sure what's keeping me back, other than the right equipment.


i've not really got things hanging up there, but the ceiling in the main portion of our house is painted a glowy yellow pumpkin color. sounds gross, but it really makes the room seem so warm and sunshiny even when the lights are off or days are gray.


A sister with husband has their kitchen ceiling "wallpapered" with tree branches. The branches then becomes a tree and continues down on the wall. Really neat.


Alas, the only things hanging from my ceiling ATM are flakes of paint, a mysterious swirly stain and the light fitting that the previous tenant sticky taped to the roof. Maybe I should do somethin' distractingly fancy up there. But seriously, sticky tape?, WTF?


I have a chair hanging from my ceiling. I'm not sure if it counts as weird or exciting, but I like it. When I have kids, or at least nieces and nephews I'm going to get one of those indoor outdoor swings they have at ikea <3. I'm already excited about this.


Awesome!! I love the colorful parcels! And the books hanging from the ceiling! I must agree with you on the joys of hanging things from the ceiling! And if all else fails, you can always paste up some glow-in-the-dark stars in the shape of constellations!!


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