10 Life-Improving Things I Learned From Blogging

 Can the things you learn from blogging help with your daily life? Of course! Click through for blogging skills that apply to all areas of life.

Can you learn things from blogging that help you navigate everyday life? How can writing things on the internet make you a better friend, a more adventurous human, or a more driven employee? Anna tells us. 

10 Life-Improving Things I Learned From Blogging

1. The world is bigger than you could ever imagine, and oddly enough, it does not revolve around you.

But that doesn’t mean that you are not important, or that you don’t add anything to the world, because honestly, you add more than you could ever imagine- funny how that works.

2. You will never cease to be amazed by the amount of pain in the world. You will never have it worse than somebody else.

But, too, you will never cease to be amazed by the amount of love in the world. Love will always beat the pain.

3. Everybody has their doubts.

Some may doubt their dreams, others their purpose. But at the end of it all, we all share in hope, which is much bigger than any doubt.

4. A person’s blog can change your life, just as any book can do.

Know that your blog could be the blog to change someone else’s, and if not, it definitely changed yours, whether you realize it or not, it did.

5. The people you meet through blogging become just as dear to you as those you meet in person.

Friendships that you never expected to have can blossom, and while others will be skeptical, you will never hesitate to call people in the blog-o-sphere your true friend.

6. You will discover things about yourself you never knew.

You may not know it in the moment, but you will look back and recognize that which you have gained through blogging.

7. Everyone is insecure about something.

Everyone. But just as easy as it is to declare your insecurities, having just one person send a sweet message of encouragement your way can change the way you think about yourself.

8. Being honest with yourself can be hard, but you can only benefit from it in the end.

Your being open about certain things can allow your mind to embrace your inner hopes, and let them out to shine. And most often, when you are honest with yourself, you are honest with others, making your true self that which everyone sees and values.

9. There are a lot of things you think you know about, but you have absolutely no clue.

Being open to different perspectives from people and varying opinions can help you grow, and perhaps even bring you to a new way of viewing the world.

10. You can change your life at any moment.

You can live the life you want to have. You just have to do it, and you can never give in, or give up. Always press on.

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Several people have recommended your blog and when I come here this is what I read. So fantastic and so true.

I think blogging has taught me most of all (and reading this has proved it) that there are more likeminded people in the world than I think and they all inspire my writing, my yoga, my life. And I hope I can do the same for some of them!

Pleased to "meet" you!



Pretty much sums up my blogging experience 🙂 especially the first point, it brings me so much joy to encounter new ideas/images each day in my googlereader.


such an inspiring post! nice to go into the holiday with these thoughts, reminded that the world is hard and painful and yet immense and amazing and surprising….thanks!


Sometimes while walking down the street in my small Ontario town I catch myself thinking about an encouraging comment from a person in Algeria or Korea (on my Writing Challenge blog for English learners)and I think, "Wow. This blogging thing is pretty cool".


Lovely post!
I think I've learned that typing is a form of therapy, and its so liberating – especially when you get nice comments!
It always surprises me that there are so many people out there that you have something in common with, even though they live thousands of miles away. Blogging really opens you up to the world I guess.


Blogging has changed the way I look at fashion and where I look for inspiration. It's helped me meet (as much as you can say you met someone you've only talked to online) some great people, and has really shown me the warmth that the blogging community is capable of. It's only been MAYBE a year since I actually started having comments/readers on my blog, and even though it's a very small following, it's amazing to know that someone out there is listening to what you have to say.

Also, I blogged a bit in the past about disorders I've had for about 12 years now: dermatophagia and dermatillomania which are OCD-related conditions that involve compulsive biting and picking at my skin. When I first found out that these bad habits had names, I wanted to blog about them. There was so little information online that I thought it might be nice to put some out there. I've gotten dozens and dozens of e-mails from people like me asking about my treatment and just sharing their stories that it's been incredible. It makes me feel as if blogging about it did what I hoped– to make others like me feel less alone and weird. Somehow I didn't expect it'd make ME feel less alone, too.

Sarah Von Bargen

Vanessa! That's so, so great! It feels so good to know that other people are going through the same things and that none of us are alone in any of our struggles. 🙂


Anna, this is a beautiful, perfect post! It is so true. I think blogging is so therapeutic for all of us, no matter what we are struggling with. It gives us an open forum in which to throw our thoughts, ideas, fears, hopes, dreams and experiences. In doing so, we release and let out true self shine through. And, in all of it, we find the support of complete strangers who grow to be friends.

Sarah, awesome idea to have Anna guest post! Thank you!

~ Jen


Blogging has pushed me to continue writing, even if only in small posts. And to continue traveling and dreaming, especially on the gray days. There are so many passionate travelers, writers, photographers, fashionistas out there in the blogworld, I feel like I find something new and inspiring each day.

Great post!


This is an amazing post. Blogging has taught me so much. Number 5 on the list is soooo true. I've gotten to know some amazing people through blogging.

tigresse pourpre

I second Vanessa on the fashion bit – reading blogs has inspired the self-esteem I thought I lacked, by giving me back the power (first) of my appearance… so many of the things I am living now somewhat sprang from this (and continue).

While I'm still a rookie in the blog world, struggling to find my style and to keep up my blog, I also completely agree on the loads of love and mutual understanding blogging allows so many people all over the world. This certainly encourages me to contribute even more to this special habitat 🙂

Bridget Callahan

It's funny how true #10 is. When you have to write about it, you try harder to make your life more interesting I think.

I think you also get a greater sense of control by the act of writing it out, I don't know why, but it's totally true.


Ah, see, as a pessimist I find it nearly impossible not to be overwhelmed by the pain in the world… Blogging has actually made my a bit less cynical, though, thanks in part to all the amazing sparkly people I've had the pleasure of meeting…

Melanie's Randomness

What an awesome post. I agree with all of these points! Blogging has taught me that there is a world out there so big that I could barely imagine. I'm so happy with it. I actually started blogging because I read Julie & Julia so it is true that a book & a blog can change your life. =)


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