Fashion Travel Tips – Hot Edition

This lovely guest post about fashionable travel is brought us via the inimitable Lady Smaggle. Lady Smaggle is awesome for many reasons: her great style DIYs, her fantastic jewelry and the fact that she and I miiiiight just be nose twins. Stop by and check out her lovely blog Smaggle!Even though some of us are knee-deep in snow at the moment, the entire southern hemisphere is basking in sunshine. Jerks! So if you’re one of those lucky people or if you’re planning to ring in Christmas on a beach somewhere, these tips will come in very, very handy.

Why don’t you…?* Make head scarves your new signature? Wrap them loosely around your head turban style and let your weathered locks fall in tendrils around your face? Wear tasseled scarves like a gypsy?
White cotton for summer days? Polka dot silk while in Paris?* Leave ALL your jewels at home? Buy inexpensive baubles along the way? Stack woven bracelets and wooden bangles up your arms? Wear layers of hand painted Vietnamese beads around your neck? Jade from China? Handfuls of Indian gold?

* Ditch your heels? Buy a beautiful pair of pewter coloured sandals to wear with long skirts when you go somewhere special?

* Just take mascara and eyeliner? Leave your foundation at home? Be natural? Gorgeous? Sun kissed?

* Wear long skirts instead of shorts? Glamorously float around like Veronica Lake in a low slung sarong? A fitted wiggle skirt? A silk number shot through with glitter thread?

* Buy a neutral coloured backpack? A streamlined black number with chunky silver zips? A tan leather job with monogrammed pockets? A natural calico coloured drawstring bag?

* Take perfume oil instead of spray? Keep it in your bag? Dab it on your wrists to freshen up?

* Write? In a leather notebook? Write about your sinful fling in Prague? How to say ‘coffee’ in Arabic? Have your travel companions write messages to you?

What are your hot weather travel tips?
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Oh I am so jealous!


1. buy a pretty flask and carry fresh water, always.
2. Get a camera that fits in your pocket (and isn't too precious to leave on the beach while you swim) and never leave it at home.
3. wear gold eye -liner that catches the light.

I live for the summer and I miss it so much.


I can't wait until I'm older and am able to travel- you will see me everywhere around the world!!

And what fantastic tips!


I like the idea of not bringing any jewelry and buying neat new things on your trip. I love to buy new jewelry when I travel.

love, S

*frantically scribbles down these fantastic tips*… Yay! I'm in Christchurch (NZ) y'see and I see blue sky and beach ๐Ÿ˜›

I wouldn't have my Christmas holidays any other way ๐Ÿ™‚


These are wonderful tips. I especially love the one about buying trinkets along the way. I can imagine all the gorgeous stuff we could collect like that.


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