Fort Fantastic

As a child I was obsessed (obsessed!) with fort making. Why I felt that hanging out under a tree by the road or in my dad’s old fishhouse was superior to my large bedroom that I shared with no one, I’m not sure. But I’d still probably rather drink Koolaid out of tiny plastic cups under a pine tree next to a ditch than in a living room. Let’s coo over some of these great forts, shall we?

Recipe for The Perfect Fort:
  • 1 overcast Sunday afternoon
  • 1 sibling/neighbor/cousin/friend
  • 5-6 blankets and pillows to building a ‘napping nest’
  • 2-3 different kinds of snacks (preferably tiny)
  • 1 thermos full of a delicious drink (Koolaid, tea, whiskey)
  • 2-4 tiny cups
  • 1 flashlight for reading
  • 5-6 comic books, magazines or books of your choice
  • 1 set of Madlibs

Were you a fort builder?



Absolutely! I had a tall bed, so I would untuck the sheet from one side, drag it over & hang it on my chairs/bookcases/whatever on the other side. If it became a group effort/it was warm enough, my sister & I would build on in our favorite tree over the back porch.

Eventually we'd get bored of that, bundle up all the sheets & throw them back onto our beds… the mess was always still there when it was time to go to sleep, wasn't it? It made me happy, though, to cuddle up in what used to be my fort.


Forts are amazing at any age! In first year university my roommate and I got inspired to turn our entire room into a massive fort over a long weekend when all our friends had gone home. We dragged our mattresses into the middle of the room and hung sheets from the ceiling all around us. It became the ultimate hangout on our floor but proved a distraction when it came time to write papers.

Unfortunately we only kept it up for a week, but I don't think a single person walked into our room without having that glimmer of childhood excitement in their eyes. No matter your age you are never too old to relive your childhood even if it's just for a few hours!! Love the pictures 🙂


I was totally a fort builder with my younger sister. Our favorite was draping a big comforter over the pool table in the basement and making walls and a floor with pillows. It was often shelter from tornadoes, hurricanes, basement monsters and the like.

The good old days!

The Curious Cat

I adored making forts when I was a kid – any – we made them inside and outside. We turned the bunkbed into a fort, the trees, the sofa, anywhere! I still think forts are cool!!! These ones are quite professional looking that you have posted but great nonethelesS! xxx


In Minneapolis, there is an amazing treehouse in about a mile from my apartment. I like to take detours just so I can drive by and look 🙂

"A structure that got national attention back in the 1980s was an elaborate, seven level treehouse built in the back yard of insurance salesman and residential property owner Mark Tucker. The City objected to the structure, located almost across the street from City Hall, claiming it wasn’t up to treehouse code. The address is 4800 Minnetonka Blvd."


My parents were the best! They would get us wood and rope and any old material and help us build awesome outside forts. Inside, we would have days where the living room was a giant fort where we would eat our meals and pile up the blankets for sleeping. My roommate and I still build forts to play games and watch movies in on the weekends.


My brother and I built new forts weekly. They were epic, lemme tell you. We once had our dad cover ha;f the basement with a giant tarp, and then we built walls and nests.


Awww. My cousins and I had a fort*-making club, with a secret book for plans and everything.

*We called them cubby houses back in Australia.


Since my parents tend toward the bohemian, I spent more than half my childhood in semi-permanent forts. We´d make them with my dad´s woodworking clamps and they´d be up for months on end.

Now, I live with my boyfriend in Madrid. Instead of being hip cosmpolitan city dwellers and frequenting bars and clubs, we can usually be found in the fort we made in our bedroom. It too is relatively permanent, and involved making some holes in our rented walls. Worth it. 🙂


Love this post!! I think that childhood is incomplete without a fort!! I think my favorite kind of forts are made from pillows, blankets, and various pieces of furniture! It requires lots imagination! Love the list you made of things perfect for a fort! So cute!!

Lucy D. Wiggins

Ahh, I miss having a fort in the woods! My bestie from middle school and I built one in the woods behind my Nana's. (Sounds pretty fairytale-ish,right?) Then some big bad *cough*bulldozer*cough* wolf blew it down.

Oh well. Time to build a new one I guess. 😉


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