New Year’s Fashion, Worn Round The World

Oooh, we all love a good polyvore set don’t we? Let’s imagine how four lovelies would ring four different new years in four different cities.

Hong Kong, China
Cherry ducked into her grandmother’s tiny kitchen and waded through the smells of cabbage and garlic to pinch a dumpling off of the wide serving platter. She smoothed down her dress and hoped that her jade earrings were traditional enough to bring her a bit of good luck – she’d had her eye on that cute guy two cubicles down for quite some time. She tried, unsuccessfully, to look surprised at the stack of HKDs tucked into the red envelope her father handed her. This money was already earmarked for a new pair of cute Jimmy Choos.

Changmai, Thailand
When Nora booked her backpacking trip through Thailand for mid-April, she had no idea that she’d be wandering the streets of Changmai during the Thai New Year. The first time a street vendor threw a bucket of water on her, she was livid – particularly because the dye in her new Thai fisherman pants seemed to be running down her legs. But as she watched a 10-year-old douse a policeman, she realized it wasn’t personal and devotedly wished for her Supersoaker.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Fernanda had saved her pay from the padaria for months to fund this night out. A fantastic sparkly dress, shoes that would survive her 12:01 dash into the sea and the all important yellow underwear to bring her money in the new year. Last year, she’d worn red in hopes of salvaging her relationship with that good-for-nothing Alessandro, but this year? She was smarter than that. She sipped her caipirinha and watched the sun set over the favelas. In this light, they were almost beautiful.

Stillwater, Minnesota, USA
Nikki was bound and determined to dress the nines tonight. No matter that the extent of her plans were a house party at her friend’s new condo and then on to The Mad Capper Saloon. If the stars aligned, she might run into that cute guy from the gym. She imagined sidling up next to him in the crowded bar and acting coy and surprised that here they were, standing next to each other when the new years kisses were going around.

What are you New Year’s traditions? And, more importantly, what are you wearing?!

Reposted from 2008 because I’m too busy enjoying my two week vacation to write new content!



In Brazil they wear yellow underwear to bring them money in the new year? That's so great! In Greece, we wear red underwear, to bring us good luck in general. So, other than my red knickers, I will also be wearing a loose champagne-coloured satin dress, belted with one of my grandma's vintage belts and black round-toe stilettos. I usually wear chunky heels, but new year's eve is the night to be glamorous, no?
Happy new year!

Sarah Von Bargen

Francine – cute! I have plans for a gold sequinned top and several twin cities pubs. Nothing earth shattering – I'm saving up my energy and sparkles for Jan 8 – 10 when the bestie and I hit up Vegas. Woot!


I don't have any New Year's traditions, but maybe it's time I establish some. This is a very fun post–I love how you've written a little story for each outfit and have incorporated the traditions of each culture.



i live in brazil and will be spending my new year's eve in Rio's southern coast, camping in Paraty!!

wearing WHITE and GOLD is definitely very important (i have a cute white and gold top my grandmother got me for christmas!), and the whole panties thing is key. the most important thing though is, the panties have to be NEW… and you can mix up with the colors – if you want love AND money – wear yellow and red.

mine are blue (power/action – i'm planning on starting a new business) and green (health and justice)!

beijoooss and FELIZ ANO NOVO!


our new year's traditions are a bit wacky. First I need to eat 12 grapes. Then I need to grab my broom and sweep the old away from my front door. THEN I get to jump on my broom, grab a bag and run around in circles in the middle of the street. (If you think it sounds crazy, well it is, especially when you have a whole bunch of women doing this together.)

The grapes are for good luck for the whole year, sweeping is to clear out the old so there's room for the new, and riding the broom is to travel in the new year.

If I weren't doing my broom riding, I would wear pjs or maybe some cute lingerie as The Fiance and I are staying home watching Anderson Cooper on CNN and drinking some cava. But since I'll be riding around in circles, I need to stay warm. Might get some good luck panties a la Brazil though. 😀


I will probably be sat in my jim-jams drinking whisky with family. We sort of do the whole hogmany thing.
I do hope some form of party pops up in the next few days though!


I never make plans for NYE. Mostly so I won't be disappointed and partly because I like to just see what comes up. Usually it's meeting friends at a bar or two and catching up with people I don't get to see very often. Since there are no plans in the works, that also means that I have NO idea what I'll be wearing. Something sparkly for sure though. It's a must!

PS. Love the Hong Kong outfit. Maybe it's because I'd just really like to be there right now! 🙂


all great outfits, and such a great post! It would be cool to have an ethnic-theme New Year's party!

Me? I'm wearing… my pajamas! Flannel pants and a fleece for this girl. We're hosting a NYE PJ party at our house, complete with Chinese take-out, movies and games!

And perhaps some sparkling wine… : )


Seems like you live in a world of nice things. Pretty and cheerful stuff like what I used to know as a child or younger person. I remember those days and when I got older gradually noticed that they were going. Love to you and yours and may the charm last forever.


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