Alone Time

After sixteen (!) straight days of social commitments, I finally have a big, gorgeous day all to myself. I definitely need the occasional day of pottering around my apartment in my pajamas, skyping with far-flung girlfriends, blogging at the coffee shop and not interacting with a blessed soul.How much alone time do you need? How do you recharge your batteries?



I am like Eva above, I need LOTS of alone time. That's just what I'm like. I work at home on my own and many people think I'm crazy, but for me it works. Enjoy your alone time!! πŸ™‚


Oh my gosh, I love my alone time! As much as I love being around other people, I really just need my own time to do… nothing? Haha, usually my alone days are spent tidying the house, or catching up on blogs, or painting, or something like that. It's weird, but if I don't have some time to myself, I start going absolutely crazy! It kind of sucks because my boyfriend doesn't understand the concept of needing alone time (I attribute that fact to him having five siblings, and me being an only child- I've had lots of time to myself over the years, and I love it!)


I need a lot of time alone! Always always. It's when I gather my thoughts and dedicate 100% of my attention on…me! Hehe. I do love and appreciate company, but I'm very big on my own space. I've already told Tom that when we move in together I must have a room to myself for my art and reading and just hanging out whenever!


I love my alone time. Maybe it stems from being an only child, but being around people 24/7 drives me nuts.
I usually throw on my comfiest clothes, watch bad daytime tv, eat a whole lot of marmitey toast, finish whatever book I've got on the go and do all those little projects I've never got round to.


Lots! Admittedly if I go too long without social intereaction I do get really really lonely, but I need at least two evenings off a week I'd say, or I get a bit irritable and not much fun!

I am in a long distance relationship at the moment, and although it can suck, I don't know how I would feel if/when we actually move to the same city and spend a lot of time together! I think I'd need to instigate some strict 'alone time' rules!

Hip Hip Gin Gin

I need lots of alone time. Another only child here, and I do think that has something to do with it. I love company but there comes a point where I want some calm and having to interact becomes a strain. I get cranky and I know I need to go off and be a hermit for a bit. Hope you enjoy your alone day!!


I think it depends on how much I had to do… If stress was caused then sometimes a few days otherwise, a few hours alone…


I love my time alone- it's not even having to be alone. It's just having the luxury of doing nothing. The boyf and I very compatible in this way- we both potter around quietly doing our own thing in the flat.

I love going out and seeing people but I equally like time to myself- I'd say its about 50/50



I am a huuuuuge fan of alone time. If I don't get enough I turn into a giant grumpzilla. I used to go crazy if I wasn't around other people nonstop, but I find more and more as I get older that I really enjoy my own company. I even have the tendency to spend weekend nights alone… working on projects or going to a movie by myself. My boyfriend works weekends, and I don't drink/party much anymore, so I've really learned to enjoy being by myself.

The Insatiable Host

I rarely get time to myself. I have 3 kids under 5 and I also work full time…this turns into days that consist of wake up, out the door, go to work, finish work, get kids, make dinner go to bed. I don't pee by myself, shower alone or sleep by myself…if I were a single gal it would be a great life; however, for a married mother who just wants to lock herself in her closet for 10 minutes a day alone time is where its at!

i have just had surgery and will be off for the better part of 3 weeks. during the days my kids will be gone and i will have this time. I will walk in my house in my bra and skivvies, i will drink milk out of the carton and perhaps eat a tub of ice cream in my bed…who knows how crazy my days will get…

enjoy your day!!!! you own it!


I love all the alone time I can get! Unfortunately, that isn't very much, as I live with my parents and three sisters… A girl can always try, though. Every now and then I find myself alone at home, and it's often the best time of my day.


I need a couple hours to myself every day. My favorite time is right before bed when I can read, surf the internet, watch a movie, etc.

Lola Sharp

When you have kids and a husband, solitude is rare; unicorn siting rare.

But, I make it happen.
If I didnt, I'd lose my sweaty grip on sanity.

Enjoy your peace.


I'll take as much alone time as I can get (extreme introvert–who, me?). Give me my cat, a book, and some coffee (perhaps some shortbread with lemon curd?) and don't talk to me until I find out what Ambrose did to Kvothe.

And if I'm in a movin' mood, I hoop. Yes, I turn on some music, and jam out with my hula hoop. I prefer my exercise with a side of giggles and wiggles, please.


I think I love alone time a little more than I should, because often I find it hard to get OUT of it and regret having spent so much "alone" time. It's difficult to find a good balance.


My alone time days come at random–even I can't predict them. I just get to a point where I wake up one morning and am like…. "I'll get done what I need to get done and then the rest of the day is Jennifer Day."

Yesterday was Jennifer Day whether I wanted it or not… I hung out with a friend for a little bit today and he's off to clean his room and I'm in my PJs doing homework [reading blogs], so my day may end on a little time to myself again, who knows? Ha.

I hope you enjoy your day to yourself.


I live for Friday nights when every one else goes out and I can just watch a movie or do what ever I please all by myself. I love my friends and family but I like me more!


Mmm I love my alone time, although I probably only get a few hours a week properly. My boyfriend stayed out all night on Friday, and it was bliss to have the house all to myself πŸ˜€

Ms. Random

I don't need alone time as much as I need "down" time. I need at least one day a week where I don't have to fix my silly hair, put on makeup, get out of my pajamas or do anything I don't want to do. I need a day to catch up on my e-mails, blogs, reading, movie watching and/or Tivo! I don't typically mind if someone partakes in the day with me AS LONG AS I GET IT! LoL


I honestly don't like a lot of alone time. I'm with my boyfriend pretty much all the time that I'm not at work or out with a friend. When he leaves for a weekend away or something, at first I think "woo-hoo now I'll have some alone time to putter around doing my own thing" but the charm of that lasts about…three hours. That's enough time to watch a chick flick, deep condition my hair, do a face mask, eat a lot of junk food, then think "ok, this is getting old, I'm bored." Then I call up a friend to hang out. I "recharge" a LOT better when I'm hanging out with someone else, even if it's just movie night with my parents.


My Alone Time Requirements seem to be directly proportional to my Social/Professional Commitments. It's like this cycle, I'll have a social engagement one day, then get an offer of another one that week, and at this point I don't really crave quiet Nikkee time, I'm just loving the ride and pretending I'm totally popular. But then I'll have a few more school/work/social commit and suddenly I realise it's been a painfully long time since I've baked and painted my toenails and listened to Josh Pyke and watched Arrested Development.

It's funny how everyone here has the same sort of feelings about alone-time; I know a lot of people can't stand spending time home alone….well you know, great minds…they think alike!


I saw the title of this blog entry, before I scrolled down and saw the length of the entry, and I was sort of disappointed. I would have loved to read more of your thoughts on alone time.

As for me, I live for my alone time. It comes naturally to me, and not only because I am an introvert but also because I am an avid journal-writer. I thrive when I can think, ponder, and reflect. I love alone time, which is why I make time for it every day. There's so much potential for growth, for inner strength when we know that we are OK all by ourselves.

Great topic, Sarah. Have a lovely week.


I wish I had more time to myself! I feel like I need waaaaaay more than what I actually have, but things still manage to get done, so maybe not?
I love just plonking myself on the couch and watching bad TV. Doesn't sound like I'm recharging my batteries, but mindless activities are perfect for me!!


I need at least one day per month completely to myself. I'm very social, so I often book myself up with crazy commitments for weeks straight, then wonder why I'm getting exhausted and a little cranky-pants.

So I turn off my phone, pour a glass of wine, cook myself dinner and read a book, in silence. Or I spend the day wandering about downtown or in a different neighborhood, just recharging and being alone. Sometimes I do this for several days at a time, but usually once a month does the trick.


i really need my alone time when i got back from my classes with the tiredness. its a bless if my room mate didnt come and bother me as soon i got back from my classes. i just sit and doing nothing.

but when im in a bad condition, i hate my alone time bsecause it make me thinks a lot of bad things.


I once read something that said the real difference between introverts and extroverts is how they recharge. Meaning that people can learn to be social and talkative, but introverts need downtime afterwards, while extroverts gain energy from chatting up a storm.

Wish I could remember who wrote it, cuz I think there's a lot of truth to the idea.


I'm the opposite. I recharge in and around people! Being alone to long will drive me crazy unless I'm intensly working on an art project or quilting, then I'm happy not to be bothered! Hope your batteries are good and recharged!


I like to recharge with people and on my own. With people, I like the energy and positivity that can be felt in the air, or during chit-chats over a cup of coffee. And then on my own, I usually take a fifteen minute nap in the afternoon and I'm completely recharged! It's fabulous. Nice post!


When I need alone time, I go to a bookstore and read magazines and skim through books while drinking coffee. Then I go shopping, even though I usually don't end up buying anything major. But maybe a cute accessory or something if I see it. Alone time can make a perfect day. Think of it as a date with yourself, doing all the things you love.


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