The Best Hair Style You’ve Never Tried

If you, like the rest of the northern hemisphere, are suffering from Mid-Winter Malaise, a new hair do might help, yes? If you’re a bit too punky for the ubiquitous princess hair but you don’t want to overwhelm your grandma with your mohawk, please allow me to introduce you to your new best friend: The Faux Mo.


It’s funky, it’s fancy, it’s even work appropriate! And better yet, it works best on dirty hair and takes all of one minute to put together. See? I told you you’d love it.

8 little hair binders
2 bobbie pins
Some hair gel
Lots of panache

1. Rub some gel through your hair if it’s not suitably dirty. Give it a proper mussing.
2. Pin your bangs back into a poof. When in doubt, bigger is better.
3. Pull your hair into three or four little ponytails, in a vertical line down the back of your head.


Using the other four hair binders, twist your four ponytails into messy buns. The messier the better.

And you’re done!



Wow. Love the do. I so want to try this; alas my hair is too short. But on one of those inevitable occasions when I don't get my hair cut for a while, I will definitely rock this hair style. And when I do, I will walk with a pimp limp because my hair will be so awesome. Thanks!

Lola Sharp

Great tutorial…it's a do 'do (not dodo, and definitely not doo-doo, and not a don't.).

My hair is substantially longer, but I think I can pull this off, AND sport the b-girl posturing.

Plus, anything that works with dirty hair gets my vote.
Just keeping' it real, yo.

Peace out,


Yeah, it's official, I'm girl-crushing you.
But seriously, I do need to try something new with my hair. Your technique is probably preferable, as my conclusive remedy was to just chop a bunch of it off…but who knows!


what a spunky hairstyle! I've only done the two knots version but it was mostly for functionality while I ran and my "long in front short in back" hair needed a way to stay up.


i LOVE this!! my hair is just above my shoulders, so i'm going to try it & see how it goes. thank you for the photos showing what you're explaining (that's so annoying in magazines when they just say it, but dont show it). πŸ™‚

The Frys

Jorey, my two year old, has rocked the faux mullet. Her teachers at daycare gave her one. She loved it and embraced it's beauty. I have to find that pic. Of course, you rock it the most


Dude, I wore this for three days straight with already dirty hair and continued to bank at work [dancing…I was that cranky stripper in the comments]! I had school and didnt have time to wash my hair in between…this hairstyle has been saving my life. Serious.


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