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Do you lovelies ever experience a gap between the sort of design that you loooove and covet and reality of your space? I love these rooms – so lush and colorful and filled with fat pillows! But daily life finds me meticulously arranging my two throw pillows that perfectly match my drapes and dusting my one knick knack. In real life, I’m not sure that the Virgo in me could handle all that not matching and all those decorative things on every surface.

Do you ever experience a gap between the design that you live with versus the design that you love?



I have THINGS everywhere. It may be something to dow ith being an artist (nowhere to store my paintings other than my walls!) and a total hoarder of bits and pieces. I love stuff…and yes I do waste a lot of time dusting.


I'm pretty much the opposite to you, I drool over sparse, minimalist spaces, but I have so much clutter it's ridiculous, and I can't tame my hoarding ways!

emma emma!

ditto, vixel! i work in childcare & like to have all the learning areas set out & arranged neatly before the day begins!
however, i do love the clutter that my room posesses. the mismatching & what not makes it feel like a home inside my home. when i create spaces this way & i always get comments on how my room is very interesting to explore. i love that! its like a mini adventure in my room.


I live in a dorm, so definitely! I keep a tumblr blog FULL of all kinds of beautiful images for when I move into my own space at the end of this school year!

Hip Hip Gin Gin

I'm so there right now, what I want and what I have are pretty different but I'm slowly working on changing that. I could definitely do with more pillows, we have exactly two and we fight over them all the time, but I can't do knick knacks. As much as I look at design photos and think "ooooh look how cute" I can't stand having stuff everywhere. And cleaning it all? Forget it.


I love the non-matching, and the bright colors. LOVE IT!! I do have a problem with every surface, and inch of wall space, being covered. I think it comes from having parents that try to have too many things….

Anne (in Reno)

Ha, I live with my husband so there are guitars and amps and music everywhere! I dream of clean spaces that I could "style" a little but I can barely keep a tablecloth on our kitchen table! I don't know that I could deal with this extent of decorative stuff everywhere as I am a little more of a minimalist, but basically neither styled-ness or minimalism are an option for me. Le sigh.


I'm not too into decor (my house still looks almost exactly the same as it did when I moved in three years ago…complete with my late aunt's furniture, pictures on the walls, oriental doors…) but I do feel this way a lot about how I dress. I dream of dressing one way but then in reality it never really turns out like that.


My issues are cost and clutter. I'd love to get a pillow or two (and some other nice things), but how much it costs to decorate drives me insane. I don't have $500 or $1k sitting around to redo a room.

With clutter, I have just this side of too much stuff for my apartment, so not everything has a designated space. Therefore, library books end up on the couch and my ukulele and gym bag are found wherever I last dropped them. In a dream life, I'd have an extra shelf on the bookcase for library books, extra room in the closet for the gym bag, and more desk storage space so that the top could stay clean.

The thing I envy most in decor mags are how put-away everything is. I know it can't be like that every second, but I'd like my life to look put away at some point before I have kids and have to give up entirely.


My room is too tiny to have it match exactly with my taste in decor. I can't wait to have my own place to decorate!
Though I do have this odd 60's meets kitschy florals thing going on I guess.


I always lust after gorgeous, sumptiously decorated rooms. But I am a minimalist at heart. I chalk it up to my "Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there" mentality. I can imagine myself almost anywhere. The reality is something completely different!


I completely experience that gap. I love the way my room looks and I'm comfortable in it, but I find the gap happens when I see something new and different that I also love, but would require lots of time and money to make happen. I envy people that can walk into a thrift store or a paint shop and just pick things up and somehow make it all look like it was intentional from the start. *sigh*


everyday of my life. oh & definitely also with fashion. in my imagination i lead a much more fashionable life… ; )

Ms. Random

Over the past few years, I have LOVED my space. It has been filled with perfect-for-me knick knacks, pictures of my nearest and dearest and decor in all of my favorite colors. It is all currently in storage and I miss it so! I now have only a few things of "mine" surrounding me.

Thanks for making me sad! ;OP

The Naked Redhead

I used to feel a disconnect until I finally figured out that it wasn't necessarily a certain sort of "thing" I liked but more of a certain sort of spatial arrangement. Once I get that down in a room, I feel much more comfortable, regardless of how many (or few) accessories I have. But it took me FOREVER to figure this out…


I definitely feel like this with my space. When my boyfriend and I first moved in I was excited to get new everything and have everything match and be "grown-up". Now I wish we would have just let things evolve slowly and have an actual young college 20 somethings space, full of eclectic pieces. I love those photographs I'm going to have to work those into our apt. somehow!


holy friggin WOW! i love the images in this post. i pine, i long, i yearn for such an eclectically decorated abode! sadly, the thing that causes the divide between the dream and the reality is money and the fact that i don't own my house and can't make too many cosmetic changes to it (the owners are planning to sell, it would be a waste of time and money).

sigh… one day!


Great post!
I blog about white, I love white objects and I live in (mainly) white. I can't get away from teak though (I won't paint it white) so brown has definitely found a way into my apartment. I love the look of organized books but mine are overflowing and I can't seem to get them under control! That's my 'gap'!


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