Happiness Is…

I have accomplished absolutely nothing this week. Unless you count eating lots of processed carbs, periodically dressing my cat in a vest and editing photos in picnik. I’d like a heaping helping of happy, please! Let’s make lists of what happiness means to us!

In my world, happiness is…

* a cuddly pile of snoring kitteh

* yelling the lyrics of questionable 80s songs with your BFF, on the way home from the bar

* laying by a pool. anytime, anywhere

* when someone that you’ve known forever does something that surprises you

* a bowl of bun chay, eaten in the company of kindred spirits

* an empty highway, a sunny day, a great mixtape (yes, an actual tape) and an overly sugary gas station cappuccino

* your plane coming in for landing over an unknown city and the feeling adventure opening up in front of you

How would you finish the sentence “Happiness Is..”?


Bella Blithely

Happiness is a sense of fulfilment at the end of the day: achievement + worth.

ie. Knowing that I brought delicious caffeinated joy to every customer that walked through my shop door.


Happiness is waking up in a warm bed (heated either be another person or really soft new pyjamas). Extra happiness is making a fat hot choc and drinking it in my dressing gown while reading blogs. Triple happiness is having a new idea and finding that others are excited about it too.


happiness is spending hours in borders, driving around drinking sugary iced coffee drinks and blasting "Penny and Me", thinking up new ideas for blog posts, receiving letters in the mail, new nail polish, my friend's two year old boy, watching a really good movie, spending hours looking through books at the library, the perfect ice cream cone, mornings when you can sleep in. <3


Happiness is a really long hug from my husband (he insists on them daily), a fresh cup of hot coffee sipped at the kitchen table on a quiet morning, a long hike on a new trail with the company of my dog, and man 'o man I could go on and on! Thanks for the few moments of reflection!! Have a great weekend!


…sleeping in, having tea, and doing a a crossword in bed with my dude.

…waking up at the cottage, stepping outside onto the dewy grass, and eating a bowl of cereal on the deck in the sunshine.

The Curious Cat

I like the one about someone surprising you…I think I may take note of that…Happiness for me…is being in love and having it returned…but right now this is not the case…so, rather than lament…I need to find other sources of happiness! xxx


ah happiness. happiness is colourful.

oh, and if i dressed my cat up in a vest and lived to tell the tale, that would be an accomplishment, LOL!


Happiness is buying shrimp the day before a big snow storm with big plans to make a gumbo for the weekend.

Happiness is also reading your blog posts. You are cracking me up lately. <3


yelling the lyrics of questionable 80s songs with your BFF, on the way home from the bar
-I did this last weekend with a friend on my way home from a party… nothing beats singing at the top of your lungs to 80s music, or any music for that matter.

an empty highway, a sunny day, a great mixtape (yes, an actual tape) and an overly sugary gas station cappuccino
-I couldn't agree more with this one… open roadway, open windows & a latte.

Law Girl

Reading a novel in bed with my fiance and our two cats…

Reaching the summit of a long hike and being rewarded by a fabulous view…

Sitting down after I nail a closing argument or cross examination…

Watching Shakespeare outside in the summer.


Happiness is..

– shuffling my cold feet over to the other side of the bed to find warm feet to nuzzle mine against

– crispy roasted brussel sprouts with garlic and chiles

– finishing a thought at the same time as a friend and ending up saying the same thing


Great post. For me, happiness is:

– a steaming mug of masala chai (what Americans call 'chai tea')

– family

– delicious food eaten in company

– sunshine

– pets

– friends



Oh my God! I am chatting on the phone with my friend as we speak about accomplishing nothing this week and being miserable! And I just blogged about this too! And then I look at my subscribed blog updates, and I see this! It's so true! I absolutely love this blog!! You are great!

Hip Hip Gin Gin

Happiness is ….
Sharing a blanket with my dog on a snowy day
Bagels on Saturday mornings, extra sugar in my coffee
Wednesday night phone call with my best friend
The smell of old books
Wool socks


All of these just made me instantly happier.

For me, happiness is a cupcake…on a rainy day…with your best friend…while watching SATC.

Done and DONE.

Happy weekend!


Happiness is…

Retail therapy. Paper lantern lights. Sunshine. Being read to. Frolicking in the ocean. Swing sets. Crunchy red and orange leaves in the fall. Smores and a camp fire. Warm rain. Being taken care of when I’m sick. The smell of baby shampoo. Reading. That feeling of relief after something stressful is over. Feeling missed and needed.


Happiness is…
Finding a great album on vinyl. Noticing writings in a book you found at a secondhand bookstore. The feeling you get at a show where music is pulsing through your body. Baking cookies for best friends, just because.

Very nice post. It made me happier just by thinking of what makes me happy.


…another snow day! (I don't have kids, so all the freshly baked cookies are mine! mine! mine! Oh, and my husband's too.)

…turning the vest I knit a few years ago (that never fit right) back into balls of yarn full of potential.

…silly dogs.

…the perfect cup of tea.

Heidi Rose

* when someone that you've known forever does something that surprises you

^That one is very true. It's so great realizing that there are always new things to learn about people. I wish it happened more often. I think people like to surprise themselves too.


My dog Ben getting excited about his morning walk, every day.

Finding something in an op shop that reminds you of your childhood.


The smell of rain on hot cement.

Baked ricotta with pesto sauce, yum!

Earlier this week I was blaming you for not getting anything done. I'm trying to run a business here Sarah! Instead, I'm reading the backlog of your blog and loving it! Thank you, you're the best!


Happiness is:

–the feeling of ZEN after exercising.. especially after swimming or dancing

–delicious, warm food (preferably Chinese. Added bonus: home-cooked!) after a long day

–laughing with friends (the kind where you're doubling over and laughing so much it hurts)

–finishing reading a great book

–achieving something you've worked hard for and strongly value

–watching dogs and/or kids play


-getting a phone call from your best friend.
-stealing ice cream from the other faculty from the lounge with friend.
-laughing your head off uncontrollably. (Benefit: leaving yourself with a 6 pack from laughing so hard.)
-spending way too much time on youtube watching funny/inspiring videos
-the thrill of witnessing something marvelous in nature/in everyday life.
-roasting marshmallows.
-writing love notes.


happiness is the first glimpse of somewhere new from the window of a plane (or the first glimpse of home)

happiness is sleeping in when it's pouring with rain outside

happiness is a dog who desperately wants to sit down and behave because she knows that's the way to get treats but can't help herself from bouncing all over you

happiness is a beautiful song by Jonsi & Alex http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vZEokp-Q00



Happiness is going out with your best friend early on a frosty morning for a walk with a thermos of sugary tea and watching the sun come up.


When I'm sitting on the floor and my 16 month-old daughter comes walking over on wobbly legs to give me a hug. She even puts her head on my shoulder. That's topsies on my list these days.


Happiness is…

A walk on a beach in South Carolina at dawn.

A long, hot bath filled with bubbles where I read lots of magazines and shrivel up nicely.

A good meal, home-cooked or not.


Doing what I need to do when I need to do it.


Good new things.

Pink, purple, sequins and glitter!


…spending an hour in bed tickling and being silly with my guy on a weekend morning

…nailing a new delicious recipe (bonus: having someone to mouth-orgasm over it with you)

…any scent-induced nostalgia.

…reading a blog and the comments and realizing you have so much joy in your life.


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