Style Lessons Learned From Dolly Parton

Good lord, but I love Dolly Parton. Underneath all that hair/eyeliner/boobage there’s a giant heart and heaps of talent. In fact, I would even venture that we could all learn a few style lessons from this little lady. Why not pop over to Agent Lover and read my guest post on that very topic!



YES! I got a birthday card last year with a picture of Dolly Parton on it. It says 'It takes a whole lot of money to look this cheap!'.

Lisa Grace

A couple of weeks ago I found out Patrick Watson wrote 'Big bird in a small cage' about Dolly Parton and ever since then I've found her really really fascinating. Nice post over at Agent lover! 🙂

The Curious Cat

Dolly Parton has always sort of been in the background but recently I've taken notice of her more and more- what she says and what she stands for…and the more I notice her, the more I really like her…will definitely check out your article! xxx


Oh my god Sarah, if I didn't adore you already! I've been reading about and listening to Dolly NONSTOP since a friend introduced me to her music…3 months ago.


Usually I would roll my eyes at anyone dressed like her, but there's something so sweet about her, that I rather just smile when I see her. 🙂



Dolly Parton is one of those people I absolutely unequivocally adore, regardless of her ridiculous factor. Richard Simmons is in the same category. I went to a school in Nashville for a while and Dolly used our facilities to rehearse for her tour my freshman year. I would just sit outside the doors and do my homework and listen to her. She really is an amazing and kind-hearted woman.

Wild Boomba

Wow! I love your blog. I found it through The Duchess's soon-to-be blog, "Better Than the Water Cooler". She somehow found me and left a comment on my latest post.
I love when things like this happen.

I saw Dolly Parton interviewed on the Jay Leno show a couple of weeks ago and I have to say she is quick-witted and hilarious, as well as incredibly talented. I knew she could sing, and I knew she had style, but I didn't know how funny she was.

Your blog is amazing. I just kept reading and reading.

I love your outlook on life and your ideas for creating fun. I agree with you about having fun and being happy. And I love all the suggestions on your pages.

I think you just got yourself another faithful reader.

Thanks again!
Leslie aka Wild Boomba


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